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  1. Thank you very much, I just want to get my ducks in a row and start a daily workout program once onboard, I will be writing a quick “Keto” Diabetic review on food options and with some fitness to go along with it, I am no longer on any meds and all of my diabetes type symptoms are all gone. So the days of sugary foods and high carb items are a thing of the past and I am not going back to that. thanks for the welcome back Fred
  2. Would like to know how many Laps onboard Panorama class ships to make up 1 miles. Will be on Panorama next week and need to get my walks in daily. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Fred
  3. Wanna_Cruize, thank you so much to keeping us posted, I am also from San Diego and also Platinum, but I will just stay onboard and be the last to disembark, no rush getting home just to avoid the disembarkation crowd, Long Beach has always had this issue. This is a good example of why it’s good to book a flight home a lot later in the evening to prevent late ship arrivals due to S*** that comes up or even stay in town for the night. It’s what I always do when I fly in and out of Miami, no rush, no stress. Thanks for posting about the Serenity Salad Bar, I’m on a strict keto diet and have reversed my diabetes and on zero medication so this is the type of foods I will be looking for. I will be cruising on Panorama in Sept & Nov, hoping it all gets better with time. Have a great night and get some good sleep. Fred
  4. Enjoy your cruise and remember it’s all new again so things will happen so have fun. Thanks for posting, looking forward to reading more. Fred
  5. No and Yes, no they can not tell you or make you eat a specific foods, but it helps a whole lot if they know you require a low carb zero sugar diet, they won’t bring me dessert to the table or any foods with potatoes etc. and yes, people do slip and try a little bite of this and a little bit of that, they figured well I paid for it. I’ve come to an understanding that all of those old fun junk foods that I have enjoyed is a thing of the past. On to new and better things that keeps me healthy and off the medications. Fred
  6. Booked on Panorama this Sept, I have been a diabetic for probably 20 years, uncontrolled meds etc. today with Virta Health I’ve been able to reverse diabetes and continue to heal and get better, my neuropathy is nearly gone (pains in hands and feet), no more heart palpitations, able to regulate body temperature now and my eyesight is about clear as it can ever be, feel great and on no (zero) medications. This will be my first cruise on a strict dietary restriction. I contacted Carnival and they flagged me as a diabetic, will also need to contact the matre’d when I get onboard just to let him/her know about my dietary needs. I can do this alone with food choices but will be interesting to see how they will prepare my foods Low carb, zero sugar diet. I will be writing a review on Cruise critic after my cruise simply on this topic with pictures of the foods I am able to eat onboard and maintain a ketogenic diet. If you have registered onboard as a diabetic and required food restrictions, it will be interesting to read what your experiences were. thanks Fred, San Diego Ca.
  7. I have not read or seen anything stating that the Vaccines were good for 6 months, if anything they mentioned a possible Booster shot after a year, but that was just talk and one reason not to laminate the vaccine card. Fred
  8. That was in the Bahamas, Ships leaving out of US ports will surely have different rules, especially to accommodate Florida & Texas, let’s hope for the best, will find out more by September how they want to really handle this. As far as that rumor about disembarking unvaccinated passengers at the next port while in International waters, that’s completely false, they are currently building the good old Plank, so it’s the Plank for you! Line Up. Fred
  9. Out of 22 cruises, the majority of them were Carnival with like 4 being carnival sister ships and 3 on RCL, All brands have their pros & cons, never had any issues what’s so ever on Carnival. Carnival has always provided me a fun, safe environment. Today I prefer the smallest ships If they are still around, they are mostly adults that want to just relax and enjoy life. You should be fine with Carnival. Have fun. Fred
  10. From what what I’ve been reading, if it’s an issue, the unvaccinated persons will be added to the 5% of the passengers and will have different rules and restrictions like having to wear their masks. Carnival isn’t going to turn away money, also this is temporary as with everything it will be a thing of the past until we get the next big thing. Fred
  11. Took a 14 day road trip from San Diego to Tennessee and then Key West, made an over night stop at Port of Miami and spent the night at the Holiday Inn across from Bayside Market, what a nice time to revisit these awesome areas. This is a picture from the hotel looking over to the Cruise terminal. Two ships in the background.
  12. California opens up June 15th, Panorama first sail is August 21st, crew members are getting their vaccines now in San Diego & Long Beach, your Sept 4th cruise should be set to go. Fred
  13. California Cruisers Carnival Panorama will enter service from Long Beach on Aug. 21, sailing her seven-day Mexican Riviera cruises.
  14. Notice that it says ‘Awaiting Email Verification”… but they have already by clicking on the email that they received and then it would come back Successful. Its a glitch so I told them to just email support or maybe Laura can manually fix it. Thanks everyone for your replies. Fred
  15. Thanks Razor, will have them email support as well. Fred
  16. Thanks all, Currently playing Black Desert Mobile on the phone. Fred
  17. My buddy just registered but is denied entry to the Roll Call area, what comes up is Contact Us Error code 2F173/H Anyone has a clue on this? Fred
  18. Final payment yesterday for 18 Sept. should be sailing from July and on. Fred
  19. How is it out there, well let me tell you, I just completed a road trip 6478 Miles driven from San Diego Ca to Erwin Tennessee, from Tenn to Key West Florida and then back up the Panhandle and around back to San Diego Ca. (14 days). My main stops Tennessee, Miami Fl, Key West, Tallahassee, New Orleans, San Antonio and El Paso before heading home. Throughout all of the States that I drove through and stayed over night, No one wore masks, it’s as if it never happened, Restaurants running like normal and I mean, Chefs or waiters never wore masks. No one sick, no one coughing etc. It was actually nice to walk anywhere and go inside places without having to worry about that. It felt good. Here at home (San Diego) I continue to take precautions and wear my mask when I enter some establishments that requires the masks but once you are seated to eat you can remove your mask. Don’t get me wrong, Covid killed my Mom & Dad immediately back in April out of New York when it hit hard there. Today I’m fully vaccinated and mostly everyone here is. Cruiseship crew members in San Diego, Long Beach areas are now getting their vaccines and will be open to cruise by July. see you all in the open seas. have a great day Fred
  20. Worked for me, thanks so much, got my Luggage tags already. Fred
  21. Thanks, my sail date will be in September so before November time frame. Will post back if anything changes in the near future. Fred
  22. Hello everyone, long time… we are finally sailing once again. The question is, anyone sailing very soon like July time frame know the health guidelines or protocols before getting onboard. Im suppose to fill out a health questionnaire and the Carnival rep says there’s nothing yet as of today that maybe by the end of the week. So the July sailings, are you having to do a 72 hour Covid test, have a vaccinated card etc? thanks Fred San Diego, Ca
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