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  1. Hello from Sunny San Diego, it's has been a very long time, lots have changed in the cruise industry since Wendy & I have been gone. The past 5 years we have being going to the Hawaiian Islands for vacations for the sunny warm beaches and enjoying the relaxing time there.


    We have booked 2 Cruises for 2019... May 4th on a smaller ship out of Fort Lauderdale heading to Key West, Havana Cuba, another Port in Cuba and Grand Cayman. Key West and Cuba will be new for us. The other cruise in 2019 will be in December, around the 18th. Will edit this post later and write down the names of the ships and exact dates.




  2. Don't need it any more after purchase of ticket so keep it home, and before you fax it over to your travel agency and carnival, just cover over your SSN to be safe.





  3. What is the first thing you do or the first place you head to?


    I go to the pursers desk to get the Capers, then off to Lido with my carry on, Wendy goes up to the Spa to book her hair appointment. :D:D


    You have to get your Capers first so you have something to read while you munch on some grubs.





  4. We book our flight from Miami to San Diego around 3pm - 6pm... Just in case the ship doesn't make it back by 6am.... And with the way things are going for Carnival with their broke ships, why take the chance. Give yourself some room. For us, there's no rush getting home.




  5. How do you protect yourself from the norovirus? Should you lysol your room before settling in? I assume you should avoid water and ice on shore, instead taking bottle water or drinking from prebottled drinks, i.e. bottled beer. Any other advide?


    Three areas with the most Germs are


    1. Remote Control (use Cleaning Wipes or simply put it in a zip bag to use.


    2. Bathroom Coffee cup if its glass, those you need to wash good.


    3. Telephone, use wipes on the phone too.


    There is a small Anti-bacterial Disinfecting spray that you can order the 3oz travel spray, this one brand which I can't remember now is also used in hospitals... It was posted here way back... Take that or the Lysol brand and take a few minutes and spray the door handles etc.


    Make sure you wash your hands throughout the day and you should be ok.

  6. Hello friends!


    April of next year I'm going on the Pride from B-more and doing something I never thought I'd do: cruise with a 1 year old! :eek:


    Keep the kid home, with all of the possible virus onboard like Noro Virus, give the little kid a fighting chance.


    On top of that you got entering & exiting into Ice cold spaces and then back into hot spaces like outdoors. This can make the kid sick fast.


    I wouldn't bring a kid onboard until she or he is at least 5 years old.




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