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  1. Follow up question on the Wow bands for the Harmony: If you use them by the pool area to order a drink do they just scan the band or do they take the band with them? I thought I read somewhere that they did not always have scanners out there and it would not be ideal to have to take it off every time you get a drink from your chair.
  2. I saw it said food from room service and minibar included in Premium Plus drink package. Does that include pizza delivery as well? Also, no package includes gelato, milkshakes, or crepes anymore, correct? I think I was spoiled with the old deluxe package. Thanks.
  3. Great review! Thanks for all the details. How many people do they have in the zip line groups with you?
  4. Couple of random questions on Harmony of the Seas: Is the Royal IQ app working for texting? Does anyone know what is replacing Dreamworks if anything? Is the kids club open the first night? Is the casino open 24/7 while sailing? Do they still have straws for frozen drinks and if so are they paper or plastic? Are you able to get large coffee cups at Cafe Promenade? I recall the Allure only have small cups. Is there a menu for Park Cafe? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for all the feedback. Looking forward to your detailed review Rasmonkey.
  6. Was curious if you have to do the practice zip line if doing the Fire Flight? Also if others in your party are doing the normal sit down Zip line can you still do it with them? Was also wondering if the superman zip is comfortable?
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