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  1. Or why not just eliminate the pool deck completely and put a full (extra charge) theme park up there. Makes sense. Who would want to be in the sun on a Caribbean cruise?
  2. I agree. I do like being in the sun though since the winters are long/cold in the northeast. It is just disappointing because I do enjoy all of the other NCL ships. But I could really feel the lack of deck space on this one. Really never had an issue finding a chair on Escape/Breakaway/Getaway. Hopefully the new Leonardo class will have more deck space.
  3. Trust me. I was not the only one stressed out on the ship. And your right, no one should be stressed about lounge chairs. But many were as evidenced by the chaos on the pool deck.
  4. Honestly the amount of stress just was not worth it to me. Maybe if they threw in Vibe. 🙂
  5. I inquired around 1pm on the first day and they told me it was sold out. Also, I met someone on the ship who had it and he told me it was sold out. He was the one running to get the pass. Maybe it was just th holiday week but I heard from prior reviews it does sell out early. If you get there early I would go straight there and not take any chances. I saw the area and it looked nice.
  6. I agree. People will always complain. No way around it, but if you have more chairs and deck space you have less people looking for them and less tension on the decks. For me, I think 30 min is fair.
  7. I agree. I just feel like they could have had a larger public area. I am sure Vibe would have been well worth the money if I could have gotten it.
  8. Fair. There was probably a lot more kids due to the week but they really did not take up any of the deck chair space. I guess I just miss the Spice H20 area.
  9. I totally agree. At least 30 min. That makes more sense.
  10. The ship has the same capacity and is typically full so I am not sure what your point is. The deck still has the same space.
  11. I hope your experience is better. We had a great group and still had a good time just trying to pass on our experience. The lounge chair situation was rough. I would definitely recommend having your group get up early.
  12. For me it was not that it was just bad it was terrible and I really have never been on a cruise like that.
  13. I am sure Vibe would have definitely helped with the chair situation. Unfortunately we were not able to get it. Also, why do we have to pay additional for this. It is like they try to force you to get it for an upcharge. They reduce the free chairs and deck space for this. Just not right in my opinion.
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