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  1. Does Disney allow passengers to ship packages to themselves ahead of their cruise? Any details would be appreciated!
  2. Hi, has anyone done a Champagne tasting offered on embarkation day? Curious if it's done like the other tastings, in one of the lounges, or if they do something different because it's embarkation (and Champagne)? It's listed for 2pm, so I'm thinking it's before the muster.
  3. Great information! Thank you!
  4. I booked the character breakfast for me and DH, looks like we'll have the VIP. If it was Disney Jr, we'd skip it. Curious, will we be the only adults with no kids there? Do adults cruising without kids do the breakfast? We'll still do it, but just wondering... :)
  5. Great, that’s what I was hoping for. Appreciate the response!
  6. Hi, we start booking our activities for the second leg of our B2B tomorrow. I understand we’ll be required to leave the ship, but we’ll we have to reboard with a PAT time? Or do all B2B get back at the same time? I’m hoping this could be a good opportunity to book Palo brunch on board, assuming we can’t get it at our online check in...
  7. Yep, we logged on at midnight eastern time at the 90 day point. Brunch was all booked!
  8. Hi all, this will be my 3rd and 4th Disney cruise, so I'm surprised I don't know this stuff yet... We're going to attempt to book Palo brunch as soon as we get on the ship. I know the location of first day bookings can change, last time it was in Tritons, but I've heard others say it's sometimes at the Promenade Lounge. When/where do I learn the location? Also, what is the earliest PAT? Thank you!
  9. Thanks! I just emailed asking to be added! :)
  10. Bonaire Cruisers is the only golf cart rental option on the island. You can google them to find their site. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. That’s too bad, such a fun restaurant to dine in! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. We always liked AP. How do you know the quality at AP was bad if you ate at Cabana’s? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. I contacted them yesterday for a January 2019 rental. They said they were booked. Has anyone gotten a reservation later, after being told they’re booked? Wonder if it’s worth checking back, or just going there the day of to see if we can get a cart. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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