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  1. I am a believer in the roll calls that are handled properly. Currently I am on four roll calls for upcoming cruises this year. Three of roll calls are great but one has an over abundance chit chat between a group of people that know each other. They produce posts that don't add to the general knowledge for the cruise and create clutter when trying to keep up with the roll call posts. I finally just gave up reading the roll call.
  2. I agree that it is not worth the cost. However if you do get the move up cabin, I don't think you get the additional points when you change cabin categories through the move up process.
  3. Waiting area - yes, baggage drop off no.
  4. If you are in the royal suite, penthouse suite or the reflection suite, there is a special delivery area at terminal 25 to drop your luggage and be escorted the suite waiting area. You need a sign in the window of the vehicle in which you are riding to stop at the special delivery area. The shoreside concierge will provide the sign by email.
  5. This one is the one I use. It has three plug adapters for different countries and will charge 4 devices. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077VFGNYZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. We have been in RS 6133 which is 2 cabins down form 6137. The hot tub is set next to the wall by the bedroom sliding door. There is no exposure from the cabins above or either side except someone looking around the divider. There is no protection from neighbors looking around the divider. I was in the altogether in the hot tub and had no worries. Just use a towel from the bedroom to the hot tub and back. It is great to sit in the hot tub and sail out of port.
  7. I absolutely agree at a less cost. I didn't know there were that many different champagne's. The menu was better than the Chef's table.
  8. You cannot use the beverage package on the Chef's table. The menu is by Daniel Boulud and is not a good as the menu by the head chef on previous cruises. I agree the Short Rib is superb along with the Mushroom Risotto. The wines are so-so depending on your taste. Prior to the menu by Daniel Boulud the chef's table was $378 including the wine paring now it is $398. The cook book is the new version with the Daniel Boulud recipes. We left our book for our butler. Many of the books end up in the ship library. We have done the chef's table on every cruise that we have taken, but I don't thing we will do it again until they get rid of the Daniel Boulud menu.
  9. My wife and I sailed B2B (Venice-Rome-Barcelona) leaving Venice on Oct 10 and arriving Barcelona on Oct 30. The weather was perfect except on day in Villefranche where it rained off and on. The temperature was in the mid to upper 70's every day. The sea was flat for the full cruise except there was a little chop near Villefranche. We started our trip in Iceland, then Norway and 4 days in Venice before we left on the cruise and the weather was fantastic during the entire time. You never know what the weather is to be.
  10. If you are in a CC suite and purchase the experience more indulgence package, does the one bag of laundry that is part of the suite add to the two bags of laundry that is part of the experience more indulgence package to make three bags of laundry?
  11. That is what Was stated in posted in post 718. The question is does the one bag of laundry per cabin for the suite amenity add the the two bags of laundry that you get with the Ultimate Experience More package.
  12. Another laundry question. We are first time AZ cruisers on the Pursuit from Miami to Lisbon in April (13 days). We are in a CC Suite which has a perk of one bag of laundry per cabin per 7 days. We are also Discoverer Plus through reciprocity with Celebrity which includes one bag of laundry per cabin per 7 days. We will be buying the Ultimate Experience which includes two bags of laundry during the voyage. After searching this topic, it appears that the LVC laundry perk disappears but do we get three bags of laundry (2 from the Ultimate Experience and one from the suite perk?)
  13. For the time being, the Constellation has the original Qsine not the Le Petit Chef.
  14. The aqua and concierge cabins are a little larger than the balcony cabins on the M class ships. You could change to a concierge class cabin and eat in the MDR. Late seating in the MDR is normally available.
  15. We normally buy dinner packages of 5 to 9 night which gives the greatest discount. You can purchase it now and if a sale comes along, just cancel and rebook. I did the cancel and rebook on our cruise from Australia to Hawaii last April. You can only make reservations for the first night. I will head to one of the specialty restaurants as soon as I get aboard to make the additional reservations. I also have changed the first night reservation to a later date.
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