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  1. Did you find this out recently on board?
  2. I purchased the premium drink package through my travel agent but when I log into my reservation on the Celebrity site, it offers me a drink package. Should there be a place on my reservation that shows I have paid for a premium drink package already?
  3. So the drink package works in Blu for lattes and specialty teas etc?
  4. If I have the non alcoholic package, when I am dining in Blu for breakfast or dinner, can I order specialty teas and coffees or do I always have to go to Cafe Al Bacio for them. I am trying to figure out if it’s worth getting the package for bottled water, teas and coffees. Anyone have experience with this package?
  5. I haven’t cruised in a while and I wanted to find out if they still do afternoon tea with goodies in the suites brought by your butler? My mom really enjoyed this but I was wondering if it is now in the Michaels lounge?
  6. We drink a lot of the vitamin waters, sparkling water, teas, specialty coffees and an occasional alcohol beverage. I can add and yes from previous cruises, we spent more to justify the package.
  7. That’s exactly how it was sold to me as far as anything non alcoholic $9 or less and yet, they told me none of these drinks are included: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Gg2MDgPD9jWTCxUp8
  8. There isn’t a comprehensive list for non alcoholic inclusions within specialty coffees and everyone has different answers.
  9. on previous sailings, the classic alcohol package included specialty coffees like the Melba etc. Before purchasing the package we specifically asked if it included all nonalcoholic specialty coffees since we don’t really drink alcohol but do drink a lot of coffees and teas. Depending on who you ask, you always get a different answer and it seems to depend on the beverage manager. We are currently on the Silhouette and we have been told the classic alcohol package does not include any specialty Coffees other than lattes and cappuccino. So no specialty ice frappe coffees, non alcohol specialty coffees like the peach Melba and we were told it doesn’t include any frozen drinks either. We were told by the pursors desk that the classic package doesn’t include any of what we were told and we would have to upgrade to premium. That doesn’t make sense when we don’t drink alcohol. We asked to be refunded the package we purchased and Miami said they couldn’t since we prepaid online?! Not a great way to start a cruise. I would have paid for the drinks separate has I not been told they were included. HQ and Beverage managers need to be more specific with which non alcoholic drinks are included in packages and be consistent because it is different on all ships it seems
  10. Now that I know about this, I can check again for our next cruise. This cruise we have already set up a private tour in Belfast.
  11. It doesn’t help to get offered this 3 weeks before a European cruise whenever most people have already made plans. I would have loved to take the free excursion offered but we already made excursion plans. Besides the free tour and cocktail party, has anyone found services the on board host provides worth using? Are there other things they have done for guests besides the excursion?
  12. Which coffee drinks can you only get with the premium? I was told all specialty coffees would be covered by the class package.
  13. I have a pair of Chooka Rain boots and they are light weight, have memory foam foot bed and grip well, so it depends. I always bring them and a pair of waterproof walking shoe to alternate.
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