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  1. Hatters cruiser

    Greenock / Glasgow & Castles

    I found Stirling Castle an excellent place to visit, it's a true castle built in the Middle Ages as a fortress that later became a Royal Palace. The palace rooms are a fascinating place to visit and with a real sense of history. The regimental museum of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders is also in its walls. Culzean castle is not a real castle, I have never been there but it's an 18th century great house built with some exterior styling of a castle. It will have all the trapping associated with such a building. It depends on what intrests you and your party.
  2. With regard the Harry Potter Studio tour, you could visit the nearby city of St Albans, there is a rail line the Abbey line between Watford and St Albans or a local bus the Arriva 321. The distance between the two places is only 9 miles. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Albans St Albans is an place of ancient origins it was the Roman city of Verulanium that was sacked by Queen Bodicae and rebuilt and later the site of the death of the first British martyr. There are Roman remains, the Abbey Cathedral with its medieval wall paintings, and many intresting shops to visit on Wednesday and Saturdays there is a market. For golfing fans there a bit of history Samuel Ryder of the Ryder Cup lived there and his old store is now a restaurant you can eat in.
  3. Hatters cruiser

    New £10 Note

    The old style pond coin ceases to be legal tender at midnight on Sunday the 15th of October to give a precise date. The new coins have twelve sides and are made of 2 different coloured metals, the old ones are round and one colour only. Bank of England notes can always be exchanged at the Bank of England for thier face value.
  4. Hatters cruiser

    Dressing down.

    Benidorm is a Spanish holiday resort that has a certain reputation .
  5. Hatters cruiser

    Proper Attire for the Theatre

    Even locals do the same.
  6. Hatters cruiser

    Port of Southampton

    Several posters have mentioned "National " buses, in the UK we call those coaches and the company name is National Express. http://www.nationalexpress.com/home.aspx It might make searching for information easier.
  7. Hatters cruiser

    Using Airbnb..first time

    Air con is rare in London, not many homes have it and only the better hotels. How important it is to you will depend on the climate you are used to, on a 21C day here I am in short sleeves and shorts, my Australian Sister-in-Law was wearing a woolly jumper.
  8. Hatters cruiser

    Black Tie Nights

    The ships crew and hospitality team will look at the weather conditions as the cruise goes on and choose when to have the Formal nights. There is little point in publishing a timetable before the cruise that turns out to be a Force 10 gale, the next night would be calmer. In general as has been said the second night and the night before the last are often formals.
  9. If your Husband is a WW2 buff then he might like to visit HMS Belfast a cruiser that supported the Normandy landings that is moored close to Tower Bridge. If you are willing to travel a little further out of London then the Imperial War Museum Duxford is just south of Cambridge. It is home to their collection of aircraft, has a tank gallery and a hall dedicated to US aircraft. During the war aircraft based there took part in the Battle of Britain and later housed Amercan bombers from the Eighth Army Airforce. http://www.iwm.org.uk/visits/iwm-duxford A train ride from London and a taxi from Cambridge station would get you there.
  10. But again as a consequence of the franchise change that offer may no longer be valid after middle of August.
  11. The way the railways were privatised in the late 1980s-1990s is complicated. The infrastructure belongs to a company called Network Rail, that is owned by the Department of Transport. There are then a number of rail Franchises that have been created to run various routes through the country, that private companies bid for the right to run for a certain length of time. Currently Virgin Trains holds the rights to the Intercity West Coast Franchise that runs to Glasgow through cities such as Manchester and Liverpool. However because they do not own the tracks other rail companies also use the same one for similar and slightly different routes in places. Basically all the train operating companies are in private hands, expect when the Government has to step in if a company goes bust, which has happened in the past. It also means that the Franchise operators on various routes may change over time, but Virgin has held this one since 1997.
  12. Hatters cruiser

    Delicate Subject

    That's true, except in the tourist areas of London, where many of our American friends would like to visit. There many require you to buy a meal before you can use the facilities.
  13. Hatters cruiser

    isle of wight question

    Carisbrooke castle where Charles the first was imprisioned after his defeat in the Civil War is also on the island and run by English Heritage. http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/carisbrooke-castle/?utm_source=Google%20Business&utm_campaign=Local%20Listings&utm_medium=Google%20Business%20Profiles&utm_content=carisbrooke%20castle For Christmas ornaments, there used to be a tradition on the island Wight of collecting the colours sands of Alum bay and filling glass ornaments with them, they may have something suitable there, but I can not say for sure. http://www.theneedles.co.uk/pages/sand-shop M
  14. Hatters cruiser

    Edinburgh Royal Mile in August

    Vehicles that are transporting disabled people to the Tattoo need to apply for an access part prior to the performance, and these are unavailable on Saturdays. https://www.edintattoo.co.uk/tickets/accessibility/ An ordinary taxi will not be able to get close to the castle at all, when the Tattoo is on. The Fringe starts at the dates as the Tattoo but earlier in the day. This image will give you an idea of what access to the Esplanade is like. https://www.edintattoo.co.uk/tickets/queuing-arrangements You are there a couple of days before the start dates, but with the increase in security for any event after recent events, what access will be like at the time who knows?
  15. Hatters cruiser

    Ideas for a Day Trip out of London

    St Albans is quite nice for an easy, quiet day out IIRC the market is on Wednesday and Saturday. As well as the Verulanium Museum there is the Roman Theatre nearby. http://www.gorhamburyestate.co.uk/The-Roman-Theatre The seed store that was owned by Samuel Ryder who endowed the Ryder Cup is now quite a nice Café Rouge. Cambridge is also very nice full of cobbled streets in places but flatter, I particularly like the Botannical Gardens there if the weather is nice. But on a rainy day which you can often get here there are plenty of Museums to shelter in.