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  1. Oh I hope you'll do a review of your trip! We are on the Escape in September and would love to hear any tips/tricks, etc. and of course the dailies would be wonderful 🙂 Have a great trip!
  2. Longsx3 the Escape Haven has a retracting roof over the Haven courtyard, so you may get more use out of the Haven area. We used it all the time going from NY to FLA Thanksgiving week (Think COLD). 🙂 fastpitchdad thank you so much for your review. Like Longsx3 we'll also be on the Escape for this itinerary but in September. I appreciate all the tips and tricks you point out! So glad you had a great trip.
  3. This was my son and I's favorite place as well! My daughter is not a beer drinker, but there were several specialty drinks on the menu and she found her favorite new raspberry (I believe it was) mojito! The bartenders in District are the BEST and there's usually live music or a game on.
  4. I've not yet eaten at La Cucina (we aren't huge Italian fans) but Teppenyaki is a favorite of ours! It's definitely a bit loud, but fun and the food is awesome.
  5. Thank you for the great information! I've been interacting with Anastasia tours for a private, 3 person tour, and they've been wonderful, but they do require payment upon booking, as we are receiving a "special" offer. It is refundable but I believe in native currency. Does anyone have any thoughts on pre-paying or Anastasia tours?
  6. In my experience tipping in the haven during the cruise is awkward (perhaps with the exception of the random servers in the courtyard). Our first butler actually said "no no wait til the end". We learned the 2nd time. Even at the bar they did not seem to expect a tip during the cruise. We also tipped the bartenders at the end (we "discovered" this bar a bit late as there was a group that sort of took it over for the beginning of the cruise". I'll probably tip the bartenders a few times during the cruise the next time and then at then end, but waving dollars around after each drink didn't seem to be the think to do.
  7. We had servers come around during out time in the Escape Haven over Thanksgiving last year. There were servers taking drink orders and also servers who had a special "pool area" menu that you could order from. I know that people say that the butlers can bring you things to the pool area, but this is really much more convenient. And, as mentioned before, the bar inside is steps away, if a server doesn't happen to be right there.
  8. It's a great video but I can't get over the plastic cork going into the ocean. 😞 Hopefully that won't happen in the future?
  9. I also didn't think I'd use the Butler for much, and I didn't on our first "suite" cruise, but last cruise was somewhat different. Although we didn't ask him for too much (a few breakfasts in the room and one dinner), when I mentioned that my son was a bit seasick (they always were asking about him) the next thing I knew there was ginger ale and crackers and seasick medicine. I didn't ask for any of that. He and our steward really just wanted to make sure everyone was having a great trip. When he learned what snacks the kids (adult kids) liked that's what was brought afterwards. We didn't ask for anything special. It was all sorts of small things like this that made our trip extra special.
  10. Really enjoying your review! Thanks for taking the time to do it. Enjoy!
  11. I highly recommend Choir of Man, even with the extra charge. I would not count on loving the food! 🙂 Have a great trip!
  12. Oh I'm jealous! It seems like it was a year ago already that we sailed. I completely agree with your thoughts regarding getting a thermal pass for this departure port. I might have even gotten one if we didn't have the Haven area to hang out in. My daughter really loved the Spa, but as you noted she reported that it was pretty noisy at times. Apparently there are also thermal lounge hogs in there as well. Drove her absolutely crazy that people would "claim" these loungers and then go off and enjoy other parts of the spa. Apparently there are signs that say you can't do this, and you can only use one for xx amount of time but it was not enforced. She started going early, around 9:00 am or at dinner time, around 5:00 or 6:00. She said it was less crowded during these times. Have a great time!
  13. Thank you! Happy Holidays and Happy Cruising!
  14. Thanks... I always think I'll take more pictures, and I do sometimes when we go to ports, but it just didn't happen this time. :). I guess that means I was truly relaxing! Next time...
  15. Oh you're welcome! I hope you have a great cruise. We really did like the Escape and if you know what to look out for you'll be fine. Happy Holidays!
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