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  1. Our worst tour was in Istanbul.It was so crowded we got stuck in a traffic jam that made us behind schedule and our guide was just mean because they would get in trouble if we were late.Not because the ship was leaving so I dont know why!We were not even aloud bathroom breaks on a 9 hour tour.We had to run everywhere without getting time to enjoy anything! Our tour the next day was Ephueses and after literally crying to my husband I didnt want to go this was the best tour ever! It was just amazing everyone should try to see this once in their lives! I also really liked Capri Sorennto and Pompei.

  2. WE stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at the Stadiums and loved it. they have a criuse package where you can keep your car there for the week. shuttle to the inner harbor and port drop off and pick up. the drivers were great, loved the inner harbor. took a water taxi to fells point for dinner the hotel is clean and basic and not too much around it but the shuttles and service and free parking and breakfast were great. will stay there again!

  3. Glad you had a good cruise! I recall seeing you at the sea club getting on the bus with our group going to the ship, we had a great time and hope you did also!!

    I agree with you about the Sea Club. It is a great hotel for the price and a good location but not really a resort, alittle worn but a good place for 1 night before a cruise.

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