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  1. It wouldn't be "comfortable" in the sense of "it wouldn't suit me" but since I always book a balcony cabin and always have an ebook reader with enough books with me, I think I could handle it. I like to read a lot and I could deal with myself and my books.
  2. You only need to read here what the members write about the quarantine: that they would not be hindered if they wanted to visit family members in another cabin. That is the reason why there are also personnel on the ship who make sure that the quarantine is observed. Because there are ALWAYS people who believe they are above the rules and the law.
  3. I'm not sure if the members asking for a military hospital ship are aware here that the American government is charging the travelers for all costs incurred by return transport or quarantine. So the Americans who were flown out of Wuhan had to pay $1100 for the flight. Also the costs for quarantine are charged to their insurance companies - if available. It is certainly more comfortable to be on a cruise ship where the shipping company takes care of everything than on a ship of the army. And what it costs to send a hospital ship of the US Army to Japan - complete with a professional crew - and
  4. At some cruiselines they call it hsc, hotel service charge . In my opinion it is in fact mandatory. If it is mandatory, it is not a gratuity, however you call it. Gratuity is up to you, if you want to give it and how much you want to give. I never reduce this service charge, because if you are in rome, do it like the romans do. And while I am against the system and would prefer the cruiselines pay reasonable wages, i would not remove the hsc, because the only people suffering are the people working hard to give me the holiday of my dreams.
  5. Let' s see: March 28/2019 service charge went up from 18% to 20 % Then the prices for the drink packages went up. Cabin service charge changed january 2/2018 from 13.50$ to 14.50$ (regular cabin)
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