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  1. Does anyone know if the stereo/surround sound in the suites connects to blue tooth? Also, on the Sky, is it just Cagney's for breakfast/dinner that is available to suite guests or are there any other "Haven-Like" options inside/outside (i.e., private pool, hot tub, bar area, etc?) First time in a suite on the Sky and looking for any tips, options, ideas, etc. Thank you!
  2. I'll get them and post them. I'm excited for Key West as well! It has been on my bucket list (not from a cruise), so this is a nice bonus. I'm waiting to see if NCL posts an excursion for the trolley. It will be more than purchasing it online, but you would get a $50 on board credit. If not, the trolley ticket is cheaper online (so I've read). Almost 3 weeks to go! So excited (and packed.... LOL!)
  3. Thank you Stormy! Our itinerary just changed. We are now doing: GSC, Nassau, Grand Bahamas and Key West. Is this what you did?
  4. Roll call created - join in! Once I receive the dailies for this cruise (thank you StormyNow), I will post for everyone.
  5. Hi AshDawn - I'm cruising solo as well. I'm going to try to set up a roll call for our sailing. I keep you posted. Only 27 more days!!!!
  6. Hello! I'm so glad someone will be cruising with me! :) I'm looking forward to feedback and dailies as well. But it is a cruise, so you know it will all be good! So I originally booked an inside for $378.00 and only had one perk (the free drink package). When the balcony dropped to $798, I cancelled my bid I had placed on a balcony room (I would have only gotten the free drink package if my bid was accepted). I paid the difference of $420 and got a BC balcony instead of a BB balcony (priced at $878 - my "credit" for the price drop), all the perks, a $50 OBC, and I booked 2 excursions, so I get $100 back on that. So basically it was only an additional $270! Cheaper than my bid and I was able to get all the perks! Headache yet?? LOL 30 more days! I hope they fly by!
  7. Good Morning Stormy - Yes, I am from the Chicago area. It truly is such a beautiful city. LOL - All we need is sunshine to join our post, and we have all the weather conditions covered! :) Thank you so very much for offering to email me the dailies. I love planning ahead and getting excited about what to look forward to on the cruise.
  8. GA Dave, that would be such a great forum to start!
  9. I'm departing on 11/16. No roll call for my ship yet. First time for that. Also, it looks like there are a lot of cabins left. I noticed a recent drop in prices on your sailing. I hope you got a good price or upgrade!
  10. Good Morning Stormynow - I am booked for November. So, if you have the opportunity and time to do so, I would love to hear how you enjoyed the cruise, tips, must dos, etc. Enjoy your cruise and thank you!!
  11. Does anyone have the Sky dailies for the five day cruise from Miami to GSC (stop twice) and Nassau (no Key West) that they can post? Thank you so much, From an extreme over-planner :)
  12. Are GTY rooms (not upgrade bid) assigned last minute as well? 31 days out and haven't received my GTY Balcony assignment.
  13. Thanks for the tip valleyvillage! I'll be on the lookout for Martin.
  14. When I was on the Escape they all were only on the rocks only as well. Though I would take one of those watermelon margaritas on the rocks all day long!
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