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  1. So...from what I read on this thread...there is no Captains Pre-Dinner Party any longer? Do they have a party for past cruisers? I'm disappointed....:(
  2. When we were in port, we walked around the city on our own. You can go to the strawmarket. There is also a big hotel once in port that you can sit outside in their chairs. There was a wedding going on when we were there. We did eat lunch there and took our time getting back to the ship. :)
  3. We are booked on the Carnival Dream, leaving on 7/21/12. We did reserve an aft balcony cabin on the Vista Deck. I think it will be fine...looking forward to our cruise!:)
  4. Hello: When we bought Travel Guard...we thought it would be good. We had to cancel because my husband was on Life Support for a few days after a procedure. Unfortunately, Travel Guard said that it was a pre-existing condition and we lost almost $2,000.00. We also bought our cruise through Cruise. Com...and we called and advised them of my husband's condition...they were supposed to call Carnival and cancel for us. Well....Carnival put us down as 'no shows'! So....I will never buy Travel Insurance again...and especially not through Travel Guard! Just my honest opinion......
  5. We are cruising on the Spirit 3/16 for 9 days....hitting Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo and Ensenada. Having a challenge finding wheelchair accessible tours...or transportation with a lift. Any suggestions out there?? Thank you....:confused:
  6. Hello: Your info is very valuable....Thank you! My husband is a recent amputee...below the knee. He has to use either a scooter or wheelchair to get around. In your opinion...could he get on a tender at any of these ports using either the scooter or wheelchair? Thank you....
  7. On this trip to the Mexican Riviera...we booked tours from the ship and also used an outside tour company. We made sure to book only tours that gave us plenty of time to get back on the ship...like a couple of hours! I have done this before and it has always worked for me. And also...we use outside companies that are recommened through other websites. Hope this info is beneficial to you...:p
  8. Hello: I am hoping that you still check this thread. I am impressed by all the info that you have gotten together for Mazatlan. I have a question for you....Would a person be able to use a mobility scooter on the walk that you describe? My husband can't possibly walk very far...but I can! If anyone else knows the answer to my question....please get back with me. Thank you....
  9. It has been years since I took this tour...but I would highly recommend it! Looking at the description of the tour...it sounds the same. Enjoy!!:)
  10. We are parking our car and spending the night at the Holiday Inn in Long Beach. The cost is about $125.00 including the tax. And they provide transportation to and from the cruise terminal.
  11. We are cruising on the Splendor Nov. 29th. We will be driving in on Sat., Nov. 28th and would need a hotel for one night and parking for our car for 8 days. Any ideas? Please respond to Carolyn and Mike Thank you....:)
  12. As of now...we are booked on the Spirit (sailing day of Nov. 27th). But after reading about the Splendor and the ports...we are thinking of changing to the Splendor. I have been to PV, Mazatlan and Cabo but my husband hasn't been to any of the ports of either cruise. What in your opinion is the better cruise and ship? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you....:)
  13. I have been thinking about going to a nice hotel/resort and getting a day pass for me and my dh when in Acapulco or Ixtapa. Can you or anyone recommend one? We will be on the Nov. 27th Carnival Spirit. I am not sure of the days we will be in these two places. Thank you...
  14. La Romania is beautiful! When we went on a Costa Cruise...this was one of their stops. They tendered us to one of their private beaches! The water was wonderful! I would say that is was one of my favorite places on that cruise. Have fun when you are there! Also...there is a village there with shopping, restaurants, etc. Make sure you don't miss it!:)
  15. Thank you for getting back with me... the tour is with Chimal Tours...it goes to the city of Coloma and then a drive to Comala with a view of the volcano. I would also like to see the ruins...do you know what National Park they are in? Thank you:)
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