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  1. Just relaying what a poster said on our July 24th board, on his experience from his June 12th cruise. Given that Celebrity has not been very up to date on information, ( tracelets or no tracelets) I was inquiring if any other cruisers had found the same on the June 12th or another cruise.
  2. On our Summit July 24th sailing a poster said that Celebrity was doing tests at the pier for boarding on their June 12th cruise. Does anyone know if they are doing that at St. Maartin? We are staying on the island for a week ahead of the cruise and can get a test at our hotel but it is $75 a piece for the test.
  3. We are coming in a week early for our July 24th Summit cruise and are wondering what restaurants are open and recommended. We'll be staying at Oyster Bay and want to stay on the Dutch side. Between the hurricane and Covid not sure how many are still in business
  4. Thanks good to know it still is available. Sending it in today.
  5. Thanks can't seem to find info on their website
  6. Does anyone know if Celebrity still honors shareholders benefits?
  7. Thanks for the quick response and information. Went to their website and looked at Tripadviser couldn't find any information about covid restrictions and what their cancellation policy is if things are still iffy in October. The area is ideal for us as we have never been to Rome before.
  8. We are looking for hotels prior to our cruise in October and planning on coming in 4 days early. We have looked at Nerva after reading some of the recommendations, but I see that there are 2 Nerva hotels listed. Nerva Boutique and Nerva accommodation. Would appreciate opinions/recommendations on each of them.
  9. We had our January Carribean cruise cancelled by Celebrity and am in the process of getting a refund rather than book another cruise since we have one booked for Octor 2021 already. Since the cruise is a no go and will we get a refund of our travel insurance? We already have another policy for the October cruise.
  10. Does anyone know how long it takes X to refund your money once they wake up and cancel the 10 day cruises in January? Definitely not interested in FCC and they have had our money long enough.
  11. With a 10 night cruise booked and fully paid for in January 2021 on the Reflection and seeing Celebrity canceling numerous cruises throughout the rest of 2021 of this length one wonders who makes these scheduling decisions. Neither myself or our TA can get an answer from Celebrity. I'm not even thinking about asking about our transatlantic Reflection cruise in October.
  12. Looking at purchasing a beverage package and a couple of dinner packs for our upcoming cruise but given the current situation would our purchases get refunded if we cancel?
  13. I am curious a few months ago Celebrity and RCL websites had listed a "policy" that passengers over 70 would need a letter from a physician stating they were in good health in order to board. I don't see it listed on the site anymore and wondering if they have rescinded this policy. Not sure if a doctor would want to provide such a letter and possibly open themselves up to litigation.
  14. The U. S. Congress is considering financial assistance to the cruise industry, not sure about other countries plans. I plan on contacting my Congressmen about concerns of the cruise industry customers especially the high risk age group about having the option of refunds vs FCC. And also quizzing them about the length of time to make a decision about cancellations
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