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  1. My lady is not content to lazily roast on the beach like I'm looking forward to doing. Has anyone been to a beach on the island where she can roam to and fro collecting shells? Thanks!
  2. Hi folks. Our Epic sailing in March stops in St. Thomas on the final day. Can anyone tell me what port we'll be using?
  3. Thank you, everybody, for answering my question. Seems the tumblers are falling into place for booking the sailing I mentioned. It'll be my first cruise on NCL, my first 10 nighter, and most urgently, my first cruise in over 5 years!! 😁
  4. Hi everybody. This is my first ever post on the Norwegian boards. 🙂 I am thinking about booking a cruise for next March, and if I do, it'll be a solo studio. I will want to spend as little time in the stateroom as I can. I saw a video review on YouTube that stated that the deck personnel stack 100% of the deck loungers in the evening, making them of course unavailable to use. Does anyone know, is this actually the case? I'd hoped to chill on the deck in the evening after dinner, at least a couple times. Thanks cruisers. 😁
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