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  1. Anthem of the Seas Deck 9 Stateroom #9288 Standard Balcony (6D?) Port side One of the quietest staterooms we've ever had on a ship partly due to the fact that it was a fairly long distance from the stairs and elevators. Connecting stateroom Normal sized balcony with no obstructions, but because room is on the aft slope, the balcony has a little bit of extra space for the price of the standard balcony. Cabin is in the aft part of the ship about halfway back. Good location. We are accustomed to being midship, so the walk was a little different for us, but when you're eating all the time walking is good. No problems with this cabin. In fact it seemed a bit larger than other balcony cabins we have been in. Bed was by the balcony, so that made the room feel somewhat larger.
  2. I have been looking at the PortBermuda webcam and your weather looks fabulous. Hope we have the same sunshine next week.
  3. That's too bad. I have used this site for years and have always found it very helpful in my trip planning. I am also frustrated that I can no longer click on the ship and find reviews without having to scroll through all the posts.
  4. Like kcbookworm, we also found the smallness of the ship to be relaxing. Never felt like we were missing "something" and did some things we never do on the bigger ships. We watched movies by the pool every night because we had never seen the ones being offered. I rarely do that on big ships (except for the Oasis which I do love the movies in the Aqua Theater). Majesty to Cuba and Key West was one of the most relaxing cruise vacations we've taken in years.
  5. Our Anthem cruise for the end of April just opened for show booking about 3-4 weeks ago. We thought they would never open up but they did. I think RCI is just being a little lazy on this front these days.
  6. I would definitely do the HOHO canal tour rather than a bus tour as PP Kernow mentioned above. The canals are what makes Amsterdam unique. Take advantage of it.
  7. Same here. 4/27 Anthem. Booked iFly and NorthStar as well as that wine tasting. Also frustrated that we can't book shows.
  8. This just may be the most helpful thread I've seen today. Good info.
  9. Is afternoon tea available at other locations in Bermuda on a daily basis?
  10. I'm considering whale watching. We will be there the week after you. May rent a "car/whatever that thing is" and drive to the southern end of the island to watch for whales on the beach.
  11. We will be at Hilton Midtown. Thanks for the car service suggestions.
  12. I have been reading through some of the more recent pages on this thread and I'm thinking I may have made a mistake in my hotel booking. We are flying into LGA the day before the cruise (and I've read the horror stories about LGA, but that couldn't be helped). I booked a midtown Manhattan hotel for our single night stay. Now I'm especially worried about the best way to get to the port on Saturday morning. Not interested in carrying our luggage onto public transportation, so what is our best bet?
  13. Charles4515 what public beaches would you specifically recommend that have facilities?
  14. Any idea which side I would need to be on to have an island view if the Anthem docks in Kings Wharf?
  15. Only offered on the last day of our Cuba cruise. Didn't think we could/should drink ten drinks in one day, so we passed this time. I was sorry because I like that card.
  16. I wore a sleeveless dress on the day we were going to the Vatican and carried a very lightweight scarf. The dress was longish (mid calf) and the scarf covered my shoulders and I was good to go. On our recent cruise to Cuba, my daughter was asked to wrap a scarf around her legs when we went inside the cathedral there. I had on bermudas, and they said I was passable.
  17. We loved the nightly Movies by the Pool. They were actually movies I hadn't seen: Victoria and Albert, Coco, Black Panther. Loved sitting outside by the pool every night.
  18. We were on the May 19 sailing. Arrived at the port about 10:30. Checked in very quickly and were on the ship by 11:15 easily. We are Emerald, so we were boarded earlier than some, but not earlier than suite or Diamond guests.
  19. Our wait staff offered us the brunch for 25% off if we booked it through them. We didn't do it because we had a massage scheduled at that time, but it sounded wonderful.
  20. Great review. I had a similar experience when I did the four night cruise following yours. I agree that the room was terribly small. We were on Deck 6 in 6546. We also heard a lot of banging noises during the night. Some of the noise was due to the fact that we were directly under the Promenade and early morning and late night runners were going right over our heads. I also think there was a sliding door above us that we may have been hearing. The noise wasn't awful, but it did wake us up sometimes. We took a private tour in Cuba and were among the first to get off of the ship. We just watched for the gangway to be opened and we left very quickly. We were through immigration and currency exchange by 8:25 I think. Easy peasy. I do think Majesty had most of the kinks worked out by our cruise which was the third one. We waited maybe 15 minutes to get back on the ship, but we were returning during a crowded time of day (about 4:30). We did miss out on one thing that really disappointed me. The captain said we would go under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa about 7:15, so we went to dinner at 6 instead of our 6:45 scheduled time. However, we actually went under the bridge about 6:40, so we missed the view. I guess if that was the smallest hiccup I experienced, I had a good cruise which I did. I would prefer not to sail the Majesty again because I really prefer the larger ships, but I would if it was my only option for going to Cuba.
  21. Was the 10 drink punch card available at any time during your cruise?
  22. I'm still hoping our 4-night cruise won't have a formal night. This first Majesty cruise was a 5 night with an overnight in Havana. We don't have an overnight and don't leave Havana until 8pm. I'm thinking we won't have a formal night, but I won't know until I get there I don't suppose. It would be nice to know how to pack. Cruise documents in the olden days would give us that info as I recall.
  23. Does Cafe Lattitudes take Starbucks gift cards for Starbucks coffee drinks or is the coffee drink package my best option? On the Oasis I used a gift card so I wouldn't be tied to a package, but I didn't know if I could do that on the Majesty or not.
  24. Very anxious for your report. Have you cruised with Royal before?
  25. Comfort Inn and Suites in Cocoa Beach is a charming hotel in a great location. We loved the ice cream place next door. Since it is a block off the beach, it is often more reasonably priced than some other area hotels.
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