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  1. Thank you all or the quick replies. Next month on the Pearl our SF suite still has Butler and Concierge service.I am going with the idea that we will probably have breakfast delivered when we have an 7:45 a.m. excursion. Thanks again.
  2. Hey there, hope someone can help. My question is that since we are in a penthouse suite on our upcoming Pearl voyage, does anyone know what time breakfast is available in Moderno or Cagney (which ever will be available to us). We have some early excursions planned and I was hoping to grab breakfast before we headed out! Thank you for any insight!
  3. Good Morning! Now that we are past final payment and under 110 days, I thought I would throw this question out again! Thanks
  4. I would really appreciate some insight. We are now planning for our next cruise and the dining and excursions are currently open for selection. My question is; I saw some interesting excursions that are offered on the NCL webpage for some of the ports we are visiting. However when I look at the excursions listed under “Explore & Plan” on our Vacation Summary, there is very little available there? I saw that a few on the main webpage were not available for our cruise, but is it possible more will become available? Will the ones listed be all that we have available? Do I just forget about the credits and book outside tours? Thank you Ken
  5. Yes, I had planned to pay for each phone individually, I just didn't know if I had to set up separate NCL log in's for each phone. Thanks
  6. Good afternoon! Please bear with me. I have a follow-up question to this “Phone and Messenger Package”. My question being, can two people sign into one account and use this for two phones or do I need to set up a separate account using the same reservation #? I appreciate any input. Thanks. Ken
  7. Is imessage the same thing as the NCL Calling and text function through their appl?
  8. Hey Cruisers, I have been looking into the Phone & Text option through the NCL appl. At $9.95 each for the duration of the cruise, it sounds like it will work well for us as a means of communication while wondering around the ship. My question is, can two people sign into one account and use this for two phones or do I need to set up a separate account using the same reservation #? I appreciate any input. Thanks Ken
  9. Thank you very much for this information. I will be researching this option as well 😎
  10. Yes, Thank you very much! I guess I shouldn't be surprised that NCL makes this information difficult to find. I only found out about it from this thread. One more (of many) thing off my list!😁
  11. Hey All! I am glad to see that there is, what appears to be a convenient means of communication while onboard. It is one of the things on my to-do list. Reading through the brochure it looks like it is $9.95 per phone. What I am hoping to confirm is if the price for the whole cruise? Is it per day? We are heading out on a 16-day and if the $9.95 is for the entire cruise, GREAT! But, I cannot imagine NCL letting this service go for such a reasonable rate! Thanks
  12. Thank you all! Lesson Learned 😀! After many years of traveling, sitting back and letting someone else plan for you (especially the cruise line) doesn't always work out! We are flying out of Boston on the 12th. Again, we have no idea when. We are planning a tour on the day we arrive. Using Google map, it looks like we are in a good place for a Rome tour I found, sort of a hop on hop off. Looks like embarkation day is going to be sleep in day and a lazy breakfast. NCL's reduced airfare and transfer program seems to cause more stress than it is worth. We will remember this in future planning☺️! I may have to go back and "play nice" with our travel agent! We plan to enjoy this vacation to the fullest. Thank you again.
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