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  1. Hotstreak Offer(OV comp and $200 Funplay) VS Dealers choice (Interior Comp and $200 Fun play) Besides the obvious room comp which should we choose
  2. To Be honest I did try URComped got a comp cruise with RCCL after giving Carnival a break because of the sucky casino, however I miss Carnival in a weird way. I like the drink set up with Royal since you dont have to wait 15 mins between drinks but Carnival although I lost a fortune in the casinos its still the FUN SHIP. Considering doing a premier cruise this summer...might try MSC through URComped not sure what to do
  3. Ok sorry let me clarify based on what I experienced. There is no sticker on your card just the priority logo on your boarding pass and luggage tags. When we got on the ship which was a breeze via priority line they didnt open the doors to go to the rooms but just for the sake of trying we opened the door and our room was right there and this at 12:30 ish. Our room was ready and luggage had already been delivered. We did not get to go on the short line at GS... also for debarkation we did not get any priority off boarding but I was confused telling the gentleman I had priority he asked FTTF I thought it was the same thing and said yes...I had a baby & two children with , he asked for a card or sticker I said I misplaced it not sure what he meant .... but I showed him our luggage tags had priority on it and he okay we got to skip the line getting off but someone else asked about premier debarkation he said no special line. So I lucked out for being stupid. I was on a 4 day cruise.
  4. it's the same thing from premier cruises you get the priority sticker on boarding pass. so I wouldn't recommend the Fttf youd be paying for something already included.
  5. Same here I am excited to try out Royal. I just came offa premier getaway cruise on the Paradise, we got strawberry one day, cookies the next...a bottle of champagne. Also this ship doesnt have a specialty restaurant so we got comps to order on the steak menu, which wasnt worth it. We did receive $500 cash each me and my bf since he had a primer offer too they gave him the drinks on us as well. I had 2 small hits 1600 and 800 but played it back and radio silence since. Hoping to have a better experience on RCL. I learned about urcomped by accident and I AM SO GLAD I DID!! Because had i not found out about it I refused to pay full price for any other cruise and would have been stuck on carnival .
  6. We just came off a 4day regular cruise throught a Dealers choice offer $200 interior/OV and $200 OBC & $200 Cash We had drinks on us waiting my bf also had a delaers choice offer and we booked in same room reached out to casino department and they offered him his cash as well.. I earned maybe 6k point by night 2 and then went to 8k the 3 day... was offered dinner for 2 at cucina and the asian place. I asked host for comp for 4 on the 3rd niht instead of 2 she honored it with much hesitation got a comp bottle of wine.... last night we were not able to get comp for 4 as she said it depended on how I played that day. rcvd another bottle of wine Total earned in points was about 11k got a BB offer which was garbage Cruises starting at $100 + $100 Onboard Credit per room there offers really went down the drain I;ve been reading quote=wmwmarmstrong;56991861]Sorry no offers were made but I have had that many points many of times and didn't even get a comped dinner. Did you have to ask host for that?
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