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  1. We are on board marina now in balboa Spain and have had a wonderful cruise but less than half full. Very quiet and can eat at any of the specialty any night so far. Staying on board to Trieste. Will see how many passengers get on in Lisbon. Weather has been perfect except for a small shower yesterday in Bordeaux. richard and Kim
  2. To answer your question I would get on computer at 12:01 am eastern time and book each of the 4 specialty and you can always change dates and restaurants once on board. richard
  3. I agree. I went ahead and booked Oceania transfer from airport to ship just to be safe (99 per person) and rescheduled my check in at ship as my new flight does not get in until 10:45 on 20th. We really hate that we lost our 3 days in Amsterdam as we were looking forward to visiting the city again delta was okay with change but lost my first class upgrade and had to pay more miles but at least I am on a plane. Now let’s just hope Netherlands allows ship to port and disembark or we are headed for another port and change in flights again. Could have gotten taxi or private driver for less but feel better knowing Oceania will be responsible for me once I land to get me to ship. Richard and Kim rehfeldt
  4. Just learned Oceania is aware of quarantine requirement and is in contact with government officials but is also considering changing the port from Amsterdam so as to avoid problems with the cruisers getting off of the ship and their departure from Amsterdam. Still up in air so stand by for info from Oceania.
  5. Just notified by delta that you must quarantine for 5-10 days regardless of vaccination status unless in country less than 12 hours. We were planning on arriving 3 days early so now on hold with delta to see if we can change tickets. How many obstacles can they put in front of us before we say Cancel. Of course not sure Oceania would even allow it this late Richard rehfeldt
  6. No test required into Netherlands if you have been vaccinated however Oceania requires test before you depart USA if you want reimbursement if you test positive day of embarkation richard
  7. Just noticed under frequently asked questions under Oceania’s safe sail a sentence that states that if you cannot produce documentation showing a negative COVID test before departing USA , Oceania will not pay for quarantine or return flight or reimbursement for cruise if you test positive at embarkation. That is a big deal so we will definitely get a test before we leave for Amsterdam on the 16th of September. richard and Kim Rehfeldt madison, Mississippi
  8. Thanks as I just read it 20 minutes ago and skipped right over that last sentence. This is very informative as we were leaving 4 days early and we were not planning on testing but now I see no other choice as we do not want to be out all of our money if we test positive before boarding ship. Thinking about getting booster shot early September just to be on safe side as it has been 7 months since last shot. Hopefully Walgreens want check status and we can receive booster as we will be in Europe when eligibility kicks in for us. richard and Kim rehfeldt madison Mississippi
  9. I agree. They cancelled tour and no reason has been given and we had pre paid and confirmed. I assume like others had said earlier that maybe because of covid no tour operators that are Oceania approved. We booked winery tour to tua Rita as an alternative thru Oceania food and wine tours. Was really looking forward to cinque terre tour but maybe next time.
  10. We were never notified of cancellation. I had to call travel agent and she was advised of cancellation after she inquired but no reason given.
  11. Agreed. Looking forward to visiting Tua Rita winery in Tuscany. One of the best in Tuscany.
  12. Oceania confirmed that cinque terre on October 10 has been cancelled. No explanation and no comment on why they do not notify us when they cancel. Have booked a winery visit and tasting with Oceania that is offered by food and wine trails. Have done these before and are really good but had our heart on cinque terre richard and Kim
  13. If you go into your booking and then go to manage booking and go to purchase shore excursions and go to October 10th there is no cinque terre excursion as I just checked again this minute.
  14. Not yet. Want to vent on line today and calm down before actually speaking to some one at Oceania. There is probably a good reason they cancelled the excursion but would have expected an e mail to everyone who had booked it advising us to make alternative plans if we wanted to visit cinque terre and to give us the credit back. Richard
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