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  1. I have a Celebrity Infinity model that I am willing to part with, however if is missing an antenna and a smokestack, and has a slight chip on the bow. If you are interested, let me know, as I would be interested in a Breeze model.


    Thanks for the offer, but I am looking for a new Infinity model. I leave for the Breeze on Sunday, let me know if I can pick up a model ship for you and maybe we can figure out payment beforehand.

  2. Hi there,

    I actually check ebay once a week for the ones I need and today I am pretty sure I saw the Infinity up for sale.. Take a peek!



    Thanks, I've seen that one up on eBay for months. It's damaged though:(

  3. Hi everyone, I collect all the ships as well! I have each and every one from my past 16 cruises, either bought on board or on eBay, but my last cruise on celebrity infinity I was not able to get one. They were sold out, and the young lady working at the store said that they were having a disagreement with the manufacturer and did not know when they would be getting anymore in. Does anyone have an actual these they are looking to sell? I have a couple trips coming up next year as well, Carnival fantasy, crown princess, and harmony of the seas, if anyone needs one of those just let me know. Thanks!

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