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  1. We recently completed a cruise and attended a few of the Microsoft Classes. No handouts were give, but we were told we could find on the Holland America site. When I go to where I think they are, I get the dreaded 404 error, Can't find Page. Does anyone have correct URL or can tell me where to go to get course materials. Thanks.
  2. We will be on Zuiderdam leaving Boston on Sept 3.
  3. Is Probiotic Yogurt (Activia) available in the Lido for breakfast? Thanks
  4. Just wondered if things were handled efficiently and quickly.
  5. How is embarkation in Boston? September 3. Maybe only ship leaving. Thanks.
  6. How much stock do you need and how much credit do you get? How long do you have to own it? Thanks
  7. Does the US Uber app work in Canada or do I need a different one? If I have US money on my Uber account and use it in Canada will it convert or will I be charged in US dollars instead of Canadian dollars? Thanks for any help
  8. Going from Boston to Quebec City on cruise. Eventually flying out of Toronto. When will we go through customs?
  9. Has anyone been stopped about pills coming into Canada? Between hubby and I we have about 30 prescriptions and carrying that many bottles is a problem. (We did it last two times, but trying to cut down weight and size.
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