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  1. We were scheduled to be on that same cruise in March and it was cancelled the day before we were to fly to Florida. We initially made the decision to take the 225% FCC but after a month to mull it over we changed our mind and changed our request to 100% FCC & 100% cruise fare repaid to us. The big difference, of course, is that decision to change came long before Princess ever got around to processing our refund in the first place. I imagine there are a lot of cruisers who are wondering if they will ever be able to take advantage of their FCC. At our age, we didn't know if our health would be good enough to travel whenever cruising resumes or if Princess would still be around. I wish you the best on your quest but wonder if that sort of a request might set a precedence that Princess would not want to see happen.
  2. We just reserved that same Enchanted Princess cruise 11/30/2021 after having cancelled the cruise on the Sky Princess.
  3. We got our email the day before the elite booking window opened on Jul 20 and our PVP called first thing on Tuesday. She told us there had been a problem with the website for several hours. We booked a Nov 21 cruise on the Enchanted Princess. Our Princess vacation planner has been very good at keeping us in the loop.
  4. The first time we used the Medallion, I had to go back through the Guest check-in on the Princess website a couple times and finally found something I had forgotten to complete.
  5. Yes, we do have until 12/10 to make final payment.
  6. I agree with "oskidinker". It is illogical the cruise lines would, or be would be allowed, to start up again until Covid-19 vaccine is available. I think our next cruise scheduled for Feb 8th is still very questionable. Additionally, when Nov 10th comes around and it is time for me to make final payment, I am going to have to consider whether I want to potentially get back into "the waiting for another refund" situation should it be cancelled. Hopefully by November we will have a better view of where things are headed.
  7. We had prepaid our gratuities for our Mar 14th cruise using PayPal. Princess refunded our EZAir and port taxes fairly soon after the cancellation, but not the cruise fare, of course (option 2) and not the gratuities. I asked Princess via email about the gratuity refund and heard nothing and then inquired two weeks later and again heard nothing. I contacted Princess by phone and was told the PayPal refund had been issued twice on approximately the same dates as my emails and the refunds were subsequently rejected by PayPal. Princess even gave me the transaction numbers involved. I was told, therefore, that Princess said they would cut me a check and I would get it in 4-6 weeks. Never happened, of course! I, therefore, opened a dispute with PayPal and after 10 days I was told the dispute was in my favor and I received the credit for my prepaid gratuities. To my surprise my complete cruise fare refund and FCC was received 3 days later which made me wonder if the PayPal dispute hadn't forced Princess to at least open my file and look at it. Might have been a coincidence but we did get our refunds after 94 days.
  8. We also received all money less $200, however, we had used a FCD as down payment and that $200 FCD has been re-credited to my Princess account.
  9. Yes finally received full refund to my CC on June 16th. March B2B on Sky Princess which we cancelled on 3/7/2020 and took option 2..
  10. Be sure you click the "view details" arrow under future cruise credits. While my "Future Cruise Credits" says I only have $200 which is the amount of two future cruise deposits, when I view the details I see an additional entry labeled "Passenger Relations" in the amount of my refunded cruise fare.
  11. March 14th cruise on Sky. We cancelled it on 3/7 and received our EZAir credits and taxes within a few days. We chose Option 2 and got FCC to show up on May 15th. Princess processed our refund to our CC on 6/9.
  12. How did you find out about your FCC refund? Did Princess email you or did you Just keep monitoring your captains circle account? We are waiting for any info about our 3/14 cruise.
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