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    Felons on a cruise

    This coming from a person who entered, confirmed and canceled warrants for over 18 years a SS# has zero thing to do with a criminal history/wants/warrants. It is all about name and dob and a OID if a person has a history. A SS# maybe listed but it can not be used to identify a person who is wanted or to run a accurate history. Yes you did give them all information to get any history on you. Not sure who told you about the wrong information.
  2. PattBenatar

    Cashing In Gift Cards At The Casino...Limits?

    So you stole 1k from the company. They should have booted you off the ship.
  3. PattBenatar

    Cashing In Gift Cards At The Casino...Limits?

    Lee- sailing Carnival Liberty - Sailing On February 1, 2018, why do you think you can defraud a company? Those gift cards are to be used on the ship and not line your pocketbooks. I really hope you get caught and get booted off the ship. It is this kind of behavior ruins it for honest people which you are not.
  4. PattBenatar

    Victory Dry Dock (& Cancellations) - Jan 2018

    Upgrades_PLASTIC SEAT COVERS for the nudies! LOL
  5. PattBenatar

    Twice daily cabin service?

    I asked for twice a day on the Vista and tbh I was lucky I got one. Additional tips stayed in my pocket that cruise.
  6. PattBenatar

    Winter sailing out of Baltimore

    Well it SNOWED in Florida yesterday. Winter you never know it could be 80 one day and 30 the next. The pool should be empty for debarkation. lol
  7. PattBenatar

    Cruising and limited mobility

    Just off the Vista last month. Here is some facts: 1. FTTF for disabled guests are a joke DONT DO IT! I have been screwed over by CCL 3 times now. JH promised me that we no longer get dumped in the Atrium if you have FTTF. You do. I was told I could NOT access my cabin until 1:30. 2. If you do not have FTTF you have general boarding with everyone else. As long as you have assistance you are better off not wasting your time. 3. Departing another joke 3 separate staff to wheel one person off. FTTF general guests were off the ship by 8:00, I got off at 9:30 WITH FTTF. So unless you like throwing money away don't bother. They said there were going to refund me in 3 weeks well its been 4 weeks. My complaint about Matt being discriminative and rude about disabled guests in general has gone unanswered still. No surprise there. CCL has lost all credibility when it comes to disability in my books, good luck.
  8. This was my 3rd cruise with Carnival and it will be most likely my last. My first cruise was b2b on the Victory solo, I bought a FTTF because I did not want to deal with the massive lines being disabled and in a wheel chair. I rented a mobility scooter to use on board that would be in my cabin once I boarded or shortly after. I was told by customer service I would be escorted to my cabin to get my scooter or I could stay in my cabin if I wished upon boarding. That was not the case, I was dumped in the Atrium to wait 2 hours like everyone else that could not access the cabins. I could not eat, I could not use the rest rooms, I was literally stranded. This cruise my friend and I both went and we both needed the scooters, I was afraid that they were going to dump us again and not care I contacted JH and he told me in a private message that this would not happen and to rest easy and enjoy the cruise and he would personally take care of my worries. Mind you we had to book this cruise 550 days to get side by side balcony cabins so it was a very long wait. Paying for FTTF for solo cruisers was a waste of money. I contacted Matt the CD and after 2 days of trying to contact him, finally got to tell him the issue and I did not understand since it was him that was supposed to make sure it did not happen again. He said JH had been late sending him requests, I told Matt I did not want a fruit basket or candy just what I wanted and paid for X2 (my friend and I both had one for each cabin). The day of debarkation, I went to Matts Q n A show since there was a new procedure and it sounded like we were going to be dumped and left stranded again. He assured me that was not the case. Well it may have well been 5 separate people escorted me from my cabin to the sidewalk outside of the port. Fttf cruisers were able to leave the ship with the other priority members by 8am. I did not get out until 9:15. I was so upset, that night I called and got a refund but it was too late the damage was done. During the morning show I asked Matt with the new ship were they going to add more than 5 percent accessible rooms since it is near impossible to cruise without reserving 550+ days out. His response was I think we are above 5 percent, I corrected him and told him 22 cabins on a ship that holds 4k is no where near 5 percent. His reply back to me was well you at least get a larger shower and you should be happy since nobody else gets one. “LARGER SHOWER” WTH? The rest of the staff were ok, nobody went above and beyond, I did not feel the need to add additional tips. Unlike the Victory I felt like a queen and tipped accordingly. The food was really good, nothing to complain about. The ship was not accessible friendly by any means, minimal at best. Perfect example I went to the spa to watch a pain management (aka/accupuncture sales pitch) the instructor watched as I struggled with the door as it slammed on my knee. No accessible access at all on some doors. My cabin 7401, was a accessible cabin, with no door assist, the balcony had a mobility ramp for a chair but the bed was way to close to the sliding door to actually use if wished. The shower was a larger than standard shower with a folding bath chair, hand spray for the shower which was placed way too high for a person that could not stand to get to it. The dining areas, what a fiasco, they really need a separate area for scooters and wcs. We were smack dab in the middle of the dining area with only one spot to safely park a scooter. My friend ended up parking hers and hiking to the table each night. While on the Victory it was never a issue we always had the table closest to the door and plenty of parking. Lido, was fine staff always helped. JJ’s I seen 0 low tables so it made it not accessible at all. The clubs, had no issues besides no chairs unless you were there uber early, I had no issues since I had my scooter. Ports, nothing really new the procedure went smoothly and staff was helpful. With the Vista being a new ship ADA supervisor dropped the ball big time. It could have been a amazing ship for everyone, but this was not the case. I don’t blame staff (minus Matt), I blame the ship designers. One more comment about Matt, he needs to go get some sensitivity training and some ADA classes, had he been a employee in the states he would have been subject to termination to say such a thing in a open forum. I did enjoy my cruise, but will not be sailing on the Vista again.
  9. Answer this- would you feel safe for them to run around down town Chicago, Detroit or LA? At night? Then there is your answer, a ship is not a babysitter. Any place can be dangerous not only in cities, Use caution day or night, know where your kids are. 3 of them are safer than a solo teenager, but know your kids will they be the ones being disruptive to others?
  10. PattBenatar

    Afternoon tea dress code

    Pool wear would not be appropriate. Personally I would wear anything I would wear as a casual dinner. I would not wear shorts and Ts but that is me, I consider a Tea more of a formal event. I am sure many do however.
  11. I see the table is not in the casino but a bar, is that bar smoke free? I would love to play without smelling like a ashtray.
  12. Mobility scooters maybe needed. If mobility is a issue its well worth the extra cash so they are not stressing or hurting. Contact a good PVP and let them know you need a cabin that will accommodate 2 scooters. Do it as soon as you can some times it takes 550+ days to reserve one cabin. They will enjoy the cruise more. FYI-mobility excursions are horrible to find. They are very few that offer WC or scooter excursions.
  13. PattBenatar

    Carnival Gift Card Recalled??

    Gift cards are meant to be used as credit towards Carnival merchandise not buying them to turn them in for cash for a 10 percent profit. It is fraud plain and simple. Fraud- frauds (plural noun) wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain Buying gift cards for 10 percent off face value to resell them to Carnival for face value for cash is fraud..... (casino loophole)
  14. PattBenatar

    Carnival Gift Card Recalled??

    People are using the cards fraudulently, I would expect them to say enough is enough, you have people here on this site that has no hesitation to post how to commit fraud so yea I would hope so. Same as how to scam using Cheers, smuggling and many other scams. So sad people can not see what is wrong with cheating a company.
  15. PattBenatar

    How to configure our family of six

    Contact your PVP or get one, that is what they get paid for. I needed 2 accessible balcony cabins on the Vista, he did everything, found a cruise with no tenders and 2 cabins next to each other. They are very helpful when it comes to special needs.