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  1. This is my favorite deal that I always watch for! I haven’t been able to come out as cheap with any other promo. But my kids have to skip school 😂
  2. The Dream is bigger with more bells and whistles..more for kids to do. Enchantment is smaller with supposedly better service. You’ll definitely have a better balcony and room with those 2 choices on the Dream. Depends on what you’re into 😊
  3. It really is a gamble for us. Like if I get seasick &/or need meds I can’t drink, obviously lol. Last time my husband got either food poisoning or a virus and was DONE drinking liquor for the rest of the trip. Another time we had a lovely 7 days and drank a lot. Plus got the good coffee in the morning and the good tea at bedtime, tons of bottled waters, and carried our own mixed drinks off the ship in yetis to save on drinks in port. I think we got our $ worth, but the port days make it a lot harder. If I go to anywhere all inclusive in port, by the time we get back to the ship I need wate
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