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  1. Please explain further. I had no idea that any OBC could be refundable. Thanks.
  2. We just called them this morning to change an excursion we had booked in Barbados. Changed with no problem at all. Very easy.
  3. We'll be on Sirena in November. Is there a laundry facility?
  4. Thanks so much for this information. Unfortunately they are already booked for April 2018 when we will be there. Anybody have any other suggestions? Thanks.
  5. I'm looking for a private tour company that will pick up from the cruise port. The only private tours I can find will only pick up from Tokyo hotels. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. need to get from haneda airport to cruise terminal. Do not want to spend a fortune
  7. I don't see that anyone ever answered your question. Did you figure out how to do it? We will be in Cherbourg in May and Mont St. Michel is exactly where we want to go. Thanks! Kim
  8. Obviously most Costa Cruiseline passengers do not frequent Cruise Critic message boards. I'm traveling on the Favolosa out of Barcelona on May 16. I'd love to put together some private tours but I have no idea how to connect with other passengers. Any suggestions? Kim Hennessey Spring, TX
  9. That actually does help. My husband speaks Italian. I'll have him look at it. Thanks!
  10. I notice that there is not much participation on roll calls for Costa Cruises. I'm wondering if there is a European website that is similar. Anybody know?
  11. Can someone provide information on tour companies that will go from Cherbourg to Mont St Michel? I having trouble finding any. Will be in Cherbourg for one day next May. My husband wants very badly to go to Mont St Michel but we really don't want to drive there on our own. Thanks!
  12. Thanks to all for your comments. I think we will be spending our time in Hamburg. More than enough to see and do.
  13. We will be spending a few pre-cruise days in Hamburg and are wondering if it's worth going to Berlin for a day. Train seems pretty expensive. Bus would be cheaper but takes longer. Suggestions? Or should we just spend the time in Hamburg and save Berlin for another time?
  14. Okay - here's a question...We have Elite status on Celebrity. We're about to book a cruise on MSC. They are apparently offering a 5% discount if we join their loyalty program and will match our Elite status. The questions are do we need to book first or apply for the loyalty program first in order to obtain the discount? Also, what level will we get on MSC to match Elite on Celebrity? Thanks!!!!
  15. We're going to be doing Ravenna on our own. Does anyone have a printed walking tour that we can follow? Thanks.
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