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  1. Thanks all! I feel better now knowing for some weird reason! (& it was actually the waiter and asst waiter I meant) I think we’ll stick to what we have been doing, However on the last night - if we did feel like it, we may give something else to those waiters without feeling awkward. Equally, if we decided not to - we won’t feel awkward for not doing so. Thank you! T
  2. Hi On first 4/5 cruises, we always pre-paid gratuities, tipped extra as we felt (ad-hoc) to bartenders as we went , and at the end of the cruise, we always put a little extra in the envelope for the cabin steward. On our last cruise however, for the first time - I noticed on the last night, other diners in our MDR area subtly handing envelopes to our head waiter and assistant. I also felt as if our waiters (who had been fantastic the entire cruise), were possibly expecting it from us also! To be honest, had we thought this was a ‘thing’ that most people did - we probably would have done it too. (Sheep that we clearly are🤣). We simply never noticed it on previous cruises , and never thought of it as a result. My question is - for those of you that do tip extra envelopes to the waiters .. approx how much do you tip for a 3 night or 7 night cruise ? Do you tip both the head waiter and assistant waiter individually? Or how regular is it to do in the first place? I’m still not sure if we were just oblivious to it on the first number of cruises! thank you! T
  3. Thank you thats what I was afraid of!! Think we better bite the bullet and just buy pre cruise . Wonder how high they go when purchasing on Board then?
  4. Hi We are due to sail on the Mariner for a 3 night cruise after Christmas. The deluxe drink package is currently $61pppn plus gratuities (18%) We had hoped we may get a better deal in the Black Friday sale, but it looks like just the refreshment package is on sale. if we leave it till the last minute, is it definitely possible to buy on board? And is it generally the same price, or dearer? (we’ve always bought our packages pre cruise so I’ve never taken any notice of the prices on board😳) Thanks T
  5. Hi Can you hire a golf cart / quad to drive around the island on your own in st Maarten? Or any other ideas of excursions to see St Maarten? We’ll be arriving with Royal Caribbean .. first time, so not sure what’s available at the port What types of reliable excursions are on after at the port ? thanks in advance!
  6. Hi Are all the fitness classes in the evenings only? I’m interested in doing spin / indoor cycling classes early in the mornings, but finding it difficult to get the detail from the planner.🙄 Any info would be appreciated! Thanks
  7. Hi We are arriving in Cozumel with RCI and can’t decide on an excursion! Can anyone tell us what the port area is like that we arrive in? (Arrive on Oasis ) Is there much to do there without booking anything? Is there anywhere that we could hire jet skis .. and if so, would you have any idea of cost (driver & passenger) .. and how to get there ... Thanks is advance!
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