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  1. Thanks for the Live. Hoping that Australia will be able to do some Domestic cruising next year Cheers Tanya
  2. There is a Live for this cruise https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/2766220-quantum-of-the-seas-2-night-opening-cruise-live-11220-31220/ Hopefully Australia will be able to do some domestic cruises next year Cheers Tanya
  3. Finally got my refund for our NCL cruise Dubai to Rome (due to sail 18/3, and cancelled by NCL 13/3- 2 days before we were due to fly to Dubai) I booked direct with NCL Australia and it was credited to my CC today (so 90days) Very happy 🙂 Tanya
  4. I agree, I have to wait 90 days for my FCD to be credited back to our account for our August Sapphire princess cruise that was cancelled by Princess. Still waiting for our NCl cruise that was cancelled on the 13th March (also told 90 days) I will not be booking anything till travel is up & running again (and thats includes interstate travel, if the States ever open up the borders) Cheers Tanya
  5. Yes Mic, she is on her way home (via Seoul). Will have to spend 14 days quarantine in s Sydney Hotel, which will be a piece of cake (after 66 days on the ship)
  6. Border force update today: Just released by Australian Border Forces... CRUISE SHIP PROHIBITION EXTENDED The current restriction on cruise ships entering Australian waters has been extended for a further three months until 17 September 2020. Any cruise ship capable of carrying more than 100 passengers is prohibited from operating cruises in Australia. On 15 May 2020, the Governor-General has extended the human biosecurity emergency period for an additional three months, from 17 June to 17 September 2020. Thi
  7. No, it is her niece from Sydney. her sisters husband is a close family friend we have been on several cruises with Zoltina and she loves her job and cruise family hope she also gets to come home to be with her family
  8. No Mic, she doesnt have kids.She has 2 nieces & 2 nephews, that she adores Tanya
  9. This was posted by Zoltina J After the order by the NSW Police all cruise ships to leave Australian waters and return to their home ports, P&O Australia has decided its cruise ships will set sail to the Philippines and Indonesia to bring their crew members back home. The company primary focus right now is the common safety of all the crew and to get as many of the crew home as soon as possible. P&O Australia received an order and can’t touch Australian ports any more as the Australian government has now required that all Non-Australian registered cruise ships to leave
  10. Our late night news just spoke to Australian on board. He said 2 deaths, and they were told by captain to pack. Let’s hope they are able to disembark ASAP
  11. Haha, DH did a Dan murphys run this arvo, just in case, then off to Bunnings in the morning Tanya
  12. Their next port of Mauritius was also cancelled. 8 sea days now back to Fremantle
  13. I was finally able to book Perth to Sydney cruise at 3.15 pm on the princess site. Email has just come through an hour later. You would think that princess would get their act together for these bookings cheers tanya
  14. Thx Mic, I drink Sav Blanc, but Kev drinks Shiraz. We are doing the NYE cruise on the spirit with friends. First time I have had off work for Xmas & NYE in 15 years Cheers Tanya
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