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  1. Weird, originally prior to today, our flights had layovers in Philly going to Miami, then on the return, had a layover in Atlanta leaving from Miami. As of this morning, the layover to Miami is now in Atlanta and on the return, the layover is in New York (LGA). Still don't have actual flight numbers/times and/or edocs and luggage tags.
  2. I was on the cruise PRIOR to this incident (we got off the day they got on), the window in question, along with MANY OTHERS were open for most if not all of the cruise. I have pictures that prove this. The pictures also clearly show that the window are high enough for someone to have to actively TRY to fall out of them, much less a toddler. They also show CLEARLY which windows are open and which are closed. And since it is just forward of the smoking section, they were most likely open for ventilation. It was also right in front of the juice bar and not in a kids area. There may have been a pool in the middle, but it certainly isn't a kids area. Like someone said, it's a lounge area.
  3. This is a good idea for compiling this information. I had to reply so it will be at the top of my list on my app. Thanks for setting it up! I'll post my info when I get it.
  4. This happened to us yesterday morning. Wondering when they actually WILL be available!?
  5. We recently book, a week ago yesterday, and our cruise departs out of Miami. Strangely, NCL has us "scheduled" (no flight information yet) to fly to FLL, via Philly the day of. Returning, we fly from FLL through Atlanta. Ironically, there's a few direct non-stop flights right to Miami, just slightly higher than the ones with layovers that I'm surprised they didn't book us on. I would think the transfers would be more expensive from FLL to the cruise port, and cheaper from Miami to the cruise port and it almost be a wash in the difference. So is it possible NCL could change the flights from/out of FLL to Miami? That would be nice if they did.
  6. Ah, found it. Thanks. It states "Airline imposed personal charges such as baggage fees may apply." It also says "Norwegian Cruise Line will book guests' airfare with a maximum of one connection when possible." There are numerous non-stop flights from Richmond, yet is shows us making a stop in Philly going down and Atlanta coming back. The non-stop flights are also cheaper. Wonder why they would book us on flights with a connection when a few directs are available. Oh, I don't know the airline yet either...so maybe subject to change. Thanks
  7. I have searched and searched the NCL website and can't find an answer to my question. Does the "free air" include free CHECKED baggage too? Any limitations on the number of bags? Thanks in advance
  8. Yeah, we may buy a bottle or two with the discount if they have what we like. But we're also partial to alcohol content in wines, so we want to do our due diligence on all the wines available, if we can get hold of a list. Thanks
  9. Is there a wine list, both bottle and by the glass, of wines for the "Adult Beverage Package" that we booked for free today? Sailing on the Pearl in Jan of 2020. Thanks in advance
  10. Maybe with the exception of a whiskey in the cigar bar....I could live under this threshold, or even go a little above it, if needed. Thanks
  11. Thanks. I can live with this. Not a big drinker, although I do like my craft beers, which are NOT over $15.00 (I hope) and wine. Now, I need to find a wine list for my wife! Thanks again!
  12. We just booked this "free" open bar package for an upcoming cruise, well it actually came with the cruise. This is also my first time on NCL and when I logged into my reservation, it asked me if I wanted to upgrade to another alcohol package. My experience on Royal Caribbean and Carnival is that they only offerd one booze package that covers pretty much everything, up to a point. What are the differences, as NCL seems to not be very forthcoming on their website, or I am looking in the wrong places. Thanks in advance
  13. Here is a deck plan of 11 on FoS. The area where the yellow box is I believe where she fell from, one of the windows by the Juice bar (Squeeze). The area more forward is the smoking section (as showen) and the area more aft is the non-smoking section (as shown), not even in the H20 zone. Seating is all around though.
  14. This happened on the Freedom of the Seas just last week, although they apparently didm't tell anyone from RCCL they were leaving. The Captain waited to see if they would show up but, rumor was, when the crew went to check their cabin to see if they were there, everything had been packed up and the room was vacated. We speculated they either 1) got sick and didn't want to continue, 2) had a fight or 3) one of them messed around on the other and they couldn't take it any longer, but then only one person would probably have left instead of both.
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