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  1. Currently in the middle of our 36 straight hours on the boat since we were not given an alternative stop to replace the canceled time in Amsterdam. Not a lot to do on a small ship for this long. I expected a little more from Scenic. Still no word on compensation
  2. We are currently on our Rhine cruise and are planning to use it prior to flying home. Many lines are performing the test for free for all passengers (did one yesterday), but like you, we are staying longer, so will need a repeat. I’d wait a while to buy it. Decent chance that only a vaccine card will be needed by then.
  3. Not as part of the official Scenic cruise. Many are remaining in Amsterdam after getting the boat though. Many have been out of the US for 10 already, some just aren’t reporting to the local govt & staying anyway If we docked on the 22nd or later, all we’d need is a vaccine card, so it will be better for the groups that follow us. Not always good to be first!
  4. Our cruise is going pretty well so far. Masks require to move about the boat, but not while seated or on the top deck. Still have self-serve buffets for breakfast & lunch. About 2/3 capacity. Many got room upgrades The bad: We are spending the final 36 hours of our trip onboard. No excursions, & just killing time on the water so that we still arrive at the original time to disembark. No mention from Scenic about any compensation/refund.
  5. We are still arriving in Amsterdam on the final morning to disembark. We talked to a 4some who were originally doing 3 post-days, but are flying straight home. Another couple is still planning to stay in Amsterdam. They will have a vaccine card & recent negative test, which will along them into museums, etc… There still really is no system that can establish when you arrived in the Netherlands, unless you flew in. We are still going directly to Belgium, then returning to fly home from AMS later.
  6. New update: Just got a message from Scenic that we are now being picked up in Breisach instead of Basel due to “technical issues.” My guess is that it has something to do with not crossing the border into Switzerland
  7. I’m currently in Switzerland, & there is no regard for restrictions other hand a mask indoors & some plexiglass partitions that have been in place for over a year. Regarding Amsterdam, once you step off the boat, I don’t think there’s any way to track us, other than before boarding a plane. I bought my rail tickets already without any questions or restrictions. Even if the big hotels start checking, there are thousands of VRBO/boutique rooms that would never check.
  8. Made it to Zurich, things improved after getting lay-flat seats for the long flight over the Atlantic. Swiss air collected our vaccine card info and Swiss Entry QR code before we boarded our flight, but passport control after we landed only verbally asked if we we vaccinated. Scenic had a limo waiting at baggage claim, & were exploring Zurich by noon. Now just visiting Lucerne & the Swiss Alps on our own until Scenic delivers us to Basel tomorrow afternoon! Switzerland has been masks indoors only, but it seems like everything is open.
  9. Started the 1st leg of our journey with a BIG hiccup. 1st leg of our flight was canceled on short notice! Now 2 layovers instead of 1 & last pick for seats, but only arrive 15 minutes later than original journey. Uploading your vaccine docs & the completed entry forms to the airline website definitely will make things go faster.
  10. Antwerp? Easy direct train from Schiphol, visit Chocolate Nation, drink some beer, spend the night & then back to Centraal Station to catch your boat.
  11. We already have a flat rented in Gent & are taking IC trains (already have tickets) in case our transfer from the dock is delayed.
  12. Where's this from? Thalys? I was just on the SNCB Rail site and was able to purchase tickets from Amsterdam to Ghent for next week. No alerts, restrictions, or disclaimers.
  13. If I was originally flying into Amsterdam early for pre-cruise days, I'd probably keep my original flight & just head to Belgium instead. It's a quick train ride from Schiphol to Antwerp (or Ghent/Brussels), & take the train back to Amsterdam Centraal to board your cruise! Easily less than 12 hours in the Netherlands. We're doing post-days in Ghent & found lodging to be plentiful and affordable. Day trips to Bruges, Brussels, & Antwerp, then returning to AMS for our flight home.
  14. Here's the link for the Netherlands Quarantine Declaration: https://quarantinedeclaration.government.nl/en
  15. We're flying out this Friday for a few pre-cruise days in Switzerland. We'll actually arrive at the Amsterdam dock exactly 10 days after leaving the US, & we'll have been tested recently, so should actually be safe to stay in the Netherlands anyway. We're actually departing immediately for Belgium by train, so will be out of the country in 12 hours regardless.
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