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  1. Thanks to all who educated me on the ins and outs of a HAL cancel/transfer to 2022 option. Was feeling a little anxious about taking the cruise line's 'word' on the transfer request with no written confirmation. Especially since there is no wording in HALs most recent notification saying perks/price will transfer. It eases my mind to know that others have had the same situation and had a successful outcome. Must let go of my control issues!
  2. We are on one of the August cruises that HAL just cancelled and have opted to accept their 2022 replacement cruise. I spoke to our TA (BB store) today and they sent HAL the transfer form to confirm the request. I asked them to confirm that our 2021 price would transfer over to the 2022 cruise and that all our perks (HAL obc, dining, gratuities, Wi-Fi and beverage pkg) would transfer with the booking. The HAL rep could not/would not confirm any of this. Maybe because it's the weekend??? Also told our TA that we would not have confirmation of the transfer for up to 30 days. Has anyone received c
  3. Feel like I've been playing chicken a HAL... who will cancel first???? No way were DH and I going to cruise with port uncertainty especially st petersberg, the primary stop on this itinerary. Final payment to BB was due this past Monday (even tho HAL final payment is the 24th) and they very graciously allowed me to extend it one week when I explained the circumstances. Can breath a little easier now.
  4. I'm in NC and also received it today. DH and I are currently booked for the 12 Day baltic explorer this August and are hoping HAL will cancel it and flip our booking and associated perks to next year. Final payment for my BB TA is may 10. This cruise covers 6 different countries. I can't imagine it will be anything close to the experience i had originally booked it it does sail. I mean, st Petersburg is the major draw for this cruise. Is Russia really going to be open? As of right now, all 6 counties are listed at level 4 do not travel by the state department.
  5. OB C also could be used for excursions and airport transfers.
  6. You can also use your OBC for the hotel service charges aka daily gratuities. Currently $14.50 pp per day for non suite passengers. It adds up quickly.
  7. Yes. I think the shop card value is calculated on the net cruise fare. At least mine was after the FCD was applied. I don't know how it works with FCCs received from cancelled cruises.
  8. If you're referring to the Seattle big box warehouse store, yes you can use a future cruise deposit (I'm assuming that's what you've purchased). You cannot book on line with it. You must call. Their agents are very helpful and will set everything up with the cruise line.
  9. I have one and only one future cruise on the books scheduled for August 2021. Used FCDs that we had purchased in 2019. Will not put up another dime until I am confident that it will actually sail AND that we will be ok with restrictions that will inevitably be in place. It's a Baltic cruise so it's not like we can just drive home if we don't like the rules.
  10. Interesting. We were booked on NS for 8/29/21 and received the re scheduling email a few weeks ago that moved us to an 8/22/21 departure out of Amsterdam vs copenhagen. My acct on HALs site still listed our original booking departure date and port. Have you seen the rescheduled departure on your HAL acct or was the info from strictly the email?
  11. Our 10 day Baltic cruise leaving 8/29/2021 r/t Copenhagen was changed to 12 day Baltic 8/22 out of Amsterdam with all the same stops plus Copenhagen. Supposedly same cabin category or better, all promotions and fare protected, plus $100/pp OBC. As long as Europe is accepting US citizens and we are healthy (knock wood), we will be on the ship. Looks like they're consolidating a few different cruises into this one, which probably means a full ship. Itinerary will be finalized in 4-6 weeks according to the email.
  12. Ok. So, if I can relay this properly, my booking was supposedly never changed to a non refundable deposit. It was just the verbiage (in red ink) that somehow had slipped in there. They difference in the cruise fare/ taxes & fees was because the TA's system screwed up the placement of the miscellaneous credit ,ie FCC, that HAL had sent over. The agency sent me a pdf of HAL's booking confirmation and are referring the problem to the proper techies. They said they'd never seen this happen before. Should be cleared up in a couple days. I'll keep checking on it. The odd thing is the original bo
  13. I just checked my 2021 cruise that I booked thru the big box warehouse store and discovered that my refundable deposit had been changed to non refundable! Also, my FCC from a prior price adjusted cruise (not Covid related) had been applied to the port fees, not the cruise fare. Net is the same, but don't know if there would be a problem in the future. Even though the deposit was changed to non refundable, the fare remained at the refundable price, when the HAL website shows a non refundable fare a couple hundred dollars lower. I have the original emails from when I booked showing all the origi
  14. Congrats! Isn't it a relief to not have to think about it anymore?!?!
  15. Just checked my cc. Deposit has been refunded 78 days after I cancelled our July Baltic cruise. It was before final payment and before HAL cancelled it. Cancelled Apr 01, refund received Jun 18. No additional fcc involved just a straight up no penalty deposit refund. Crossing my fingers here that the rebooked cruise for Aug 2021 will be a go.
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