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  1. Anyone have anymore updates on these excursions. Is Amiga Island still getting cancelled? Unfortunately it seems like Labadee will be very underwhelming.
  2. Thanks. Just checked my cruise planner, it is showing my reservation as the Unlimited (not the ultimate). It is also showing Izumi (Even without Hibachi on the Anthem) is a set price instead of a la carte. So I am assuming, the only change is we can now use this at JRs and eat multiple times in 1 night?
  3. I am on the Anthem next month, I bought the UDP months ago and it showed that lunch was included and $35 to the a la carte restaurants, since hibachi is not on Anthem I did confirm Izumi was included with the $35. This new version is showing the JR is included as well. Am I grandfathered in, should I expect changes to my package? Anyone been able to confirm the differences and what I should expect next month having booked the older version.
  4. I have this same question. I was concerned about eating at chops since the key was promoting they provide a private chops lunch for those who purchase the key.
  5. So I will not get a chance to increase my bid? I can only bid once?
  6. Little french key is the best option!
  7. Thanks for the information. Do you know if a discount is given for the Bottomless Galley Brunch?
  8. My biggest concern with the Anthem was no water slides. I usually do the slides several times. But on carnival, we never do the ropes course and putt putt. I normally feel like Carnival could have more to offer. Luckily, they all have casinos.
  9. I think the stagger began at 11, I cant remember for sure though. I know the two floors above us could see us. I feel like serenity could see 14 but again cant remember 100%.
  10. The supposedly T pool on the vista is tiny. We have enjoyed doing spa cabins, for the location, T pool and heated loungers. The vista does have more heated loungers than the Breeze. You can see the pool and loungers at the 25 second mark in my video from my signature. We were in room 12212 on the vista, one thing I did not like was that the floors above us were staggered (like stair steps) and could see us on our balcony.
  11. Will the $35 for a la carte dining be $70 since both my wife and I have the package? Is the $35 per visit to those a la carte restaurants or is it $35 to spend for then entire cruise? Meaning, can I dine a the a la carte restaurants more than once on the cruise and continue getting the $35 to spend? For the lunches on sea days, I assume JR is open every day, can I dine there during lunch with the package on non sea days? First time RC cruiser with a ton of questions.
  12. I dont think this is offered on the Anthem
  13. Roatan is one of my absolute favorite ports (maybe even my favorite), only due to Little French Key (LFK)
  14. With the cyber sale today the base fare for my May 2019 9 night Anthem cruise lowered by $100. I contacted my TA and discussed my option on getting the lowered fare. I did have the option to take the lowered price but would only have saved $10, I eventually decided not to just to avoid complexity for the $10. The details are that I currently have $175 OBC from Royal, changing to the lower fare I would lose $75 since the current promotion is only for $100 OBC. I would have also lost $15 from the OBC my TA offered for a total loss of $90 OBC for the $100 lower fare. This was my first experience with fare changes with Royal but at then end of the day I come out understanding it a bit more and feel that the logic behind my outcome is fair and makes sense. I now know what to look for if the fare lowers in the future instead of going for it every time it lowers.
  15. It happens to me like once a week, I try the next day and it works again.
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