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    Question for legit drinkers: Is Cheers worth it?

    Fantastic! Thank you! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Forums mobile app
  2. ratherBcruizin'

    Embarkation time ?

    So if I'm platinum I can board upon arrival to port and not wait for the scheduled time? First cruise with scheduled times. Thanks.
  3. ratherBcruizin'

    Very discouraged about Sunshine

    I sailed the Sunshine in May. Had no issues with crowding compared to other ships. And honestly for me, the complaints about checking in on deck 5 for anytime dining was making a mountain out of molehill. It was really not a big deal for us in the least.
  4. ratherBcruizin'

    Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast- Magic

    Great, thank you! I'll be signing up for it.
  5. ratherBcruizin'

    Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast- Magic

    Is this on all the ships now or just a few?
  6. ratherBcruizin'

    Here comes my Victory review!

    That's funny and it was a good game to get to see! Sounds like us. We get to see very few games since we live in Colts Country. When we were at Disney last month they played Miami and it was on local tv. We conveniently planned nap time around the game...;) Love this shot!
  7. ratherBcruizin'

    Here comes my Victory review!

    Who Dey! Following along, this is one itinerary I have always wanted to do, but still waiting...