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  1. Fantastic! Thank you! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Forums mobile app
  2. So if I'm platinum I can board upon arrival to port and not wait for the scheduled time? First cruise with scheduled times. Thanks.
  3. I sailed the Sunshine in May. Had no issues with crowding compared to other ships. And honestly for me, the complaints about checking in on deck 5 for anytime dining was making a mountain out of molehill. It was really not a big deal for us in the least.
  4. That's funny and it was a good game to get to see! Sounds like us. We get to see very few games since we live in Colts Country. When we were at Disney last month they played Miami and it was on local tv. We conveniently planned nap time around the game...;) Love this shot!
  5. Who Dey! Following along, this is one itinerary I have always wanted to do, but still waiting...
  6. I've been to both and my vote would definitely go to Megan's for a first timer. :)
  7. I'm on the fence about Jamaica with my girls in September. I've been to Jamaica a few times and have even flown in for a land based trip but all without the girls. I have to say though that we haven't had a bad experience there ever. But the more I read the more unsure I am about what to do.
  8. I'd pick a retired ship for sure. I had so hoped to get down to Mobile when the Holiday was there but it just wasn't in the cards. I really would have liked to experienced a ship of that size. I have some old Carnival brochures I bought from ebay when those ships were the entire fleet. I love looking at them and wished I had the chance to sail one.
  9. I just booked 2 connecting OV quads with 3 ppl in each last week. So it's allowed depending on the PVP I guess. I asked her about being bumped for it being a quad but booked as a triple. She said it's possible but since it's off season the chances are very low and it shouldn't be a concern. I hope that's the case!
  10. I hated my first cruise. It was a 4 day on the Fantasy in 1998. I swore I'd never set foot on a ship again and that I'd fly to where I wanted to go. Fast forward to 2000 and planning our honeymoon. We just could not get flights, times, and hotels worked out to the 2-3 caribbean islands we had picked to go to. So our TA brought up cruising. At first I was very resistant but we were running out of time and the pressure was on. So I said something is better then nothing and we booked a balcony suite on the Enchantment of the Seas for 7 days. That was a complete game changer and I will be booking my 16th cruise tomorrow actually. So yes, it's possible to go from hating it to loving it!
  11. I'm looking at the 9/4 sailing. I've done all this and there is some kind glitch for this ship, as the others I've priced out worked fine. I guess I'll make the phone call but I'd much prefer to take of it online.
  12. I'm trying to get a price for a Spirit cruise in September. Frustrating. I went all the way to where I enter my cc info so it's not that.
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