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  1. She'll be fine with birth certificate. The cruise ships have a lot of contractual agreements with most Caribbean islands to exempt US residents from needing a passport. The only recent change is Martinique which just started requiring passports from cruise passengers. I wasn't asked for passport in either Aruba or Curacao when I cruised there 2 years ago and there is nothing on Princess website indicating that a passport is required for US citizens on this cruise for any ports in the itinerary. The only place in Caribbean that I have had to have and show a passport was Cuba. You couldn't even
  2. Ours woukdn't work until about 60 days before our cruise that starts 10/28. I found that it is much easier to get a very thing input and linked using ocean.com on a laptop or computer. I was able to complete everything on my booking then link sister who is sharing cabin. I originally downloaded Ocean ready app but in early Oct it became defunct and had to download Medallion that has all of the apps in one app. I have an older phone so had to update operating system so it would work. See if using the ocean.com website will fix your problem. Once I was complet there, I wanted about 30 minutes o
  3. Go online to Allstaterewards.com. set up rewards account and then watch for codes from them in email to earn bonus points. Be sure to order them 30 days ahead if cruise. My current order has gotten delayed and not sure if they'LL arrive before I leave for cruise. If not, hubby who's not going can make a copy of front and back and receipt and nail them to me. Hopefully Princess can take a copy. If not, guess I need to get another cruise.....
  4. They have services they charge for. I use Faxzero and love it. I think if fax is more than 5 pages they charge. Their charge is cheaper than what I could get going to a FEDEX store or office supplies store to send a large fax.
  5. She may have to finish checkin at the desk. She'll need her birth certificate in addition to DL if no passport. It shouldn't take too long. I think she can still print a boarding pass without having the ID completed. She might check out ocean-dot-com to see if her birth certificate is accepted there. See both of you soon!!
  6. I found out that if I fully completed all information needed using ocean-dot-com on my laptop, everything transferred over to the Medallion app. I have a Samsung phone so did have to get tech support to get password that I set up on ocean-dot-com work properly. Worked great and ready to check in next Monday. The previous multiple apps are now all on medallion app.
  7. Does anyone know if Princess has any recognition of Platinum and above Carnival cruisers? It would be nice to at least not have a new cruiser classification.
  8. These visual pages were done on Carnival.Com about 18 months ago. I hated it then and still hate it. I go to a discounters that I use from time to time and search there for ports. Carnival left the search process the old way for the TA website. Lots of complaints for about 3 months, then everyone just gave up and found places to search the way they wanted to get and see info. I really hated it when they took away the ability to list all cruises on a specific ship so you could easily see B2B choices. That site ran really slow while they were tweaking it and was impossible to use on mobile devic
  9. Does anyone have a copy of the Patter for the first full sea day for this cruise? Trying to plan some group activities and hard to know when major activities occur and work around those. First day after embarkation is stop at Princess Cay and following day is the first sea day. Thanks.
  10. I had this same issue. My cruise is a casino comped cruise through an MGM casino property. I called Princess and found that on such cruises, they have to get the casino to agree to us accessing our flight. Usually the casino doesn't pay Princess for the cruise until the final payment date passes but I agreed to pay for the flight so Princess was able to do whatever they had to do on their side to code the reservation to allow AA to give us access to choosing seats. I have travel insurance on all trip costs so wasn't concerned that this would probably make the flight non-refundable.
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