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  1. I think I remember it being early morning... fresh doughnuts, I think on the boardwalk
  2. Maybe I'm imagining it, because I can't find it again... but I thought I remember reading about fresh doughnuts in the morning on one of the Oasis class ships. I know its not Oasis herself because we recently were on it....but we're about to board Harmony and I'm curious if anyone knows about this.
  3. What a shame. We're on the 6-9th cruise and will be in FTL for a wedding that weekend...would have been so convent
  4. Is it possible to book on that one night? I don't see it on the RC site.
  5. Does anyone know of any brothers that run excursions for St Thomas and or St Martin?
  6. I've never heard of a charge on group photos... so strange. They're allowed to refuse?
  7. We are cruising with a large-ish group (35 maybe? ) on Oasis. Has anyone had a good spot to a take a group photo on formal night with this kind of size?
  8. Does it tend to show up in the preset formal photo areas? Like stairs and such. We're cruising the first week for dec on Oasis with a large group and are trying to pick a good spot for a group photo, but don't celebrate Christmas.
  9. A brief update, none of the reps the travel agent spoke with were as nice as at the ones I did and the price started to rise in the meantime. We ended up paying $30 to upgrade to a standard balcony from a interior balcony guarantee. So I'm pretty happy.... we started off with just a window room so we've definitely worked our way up.
  10. Wow thats a huge drop!! I just tried to call RC again and I explained that I knew because of our TA they wouldn't make any changes but I asked them to check our reservation and what they could do for if our TA called back. The super nice rep confirmed that we could get an upgraded room for no cost if the prices were the same, just no money back. Fair enough....hopefully our TA can get the same answer when he calls them back :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  11. I should also add, we didn't book through that TA, we booked separately because we had giftcards to use for a portion of it and we couldn't use them via a TA. So once the giftcards were applied we switched to the TA. Really, just peer pressure because of the group but we're not getting any "perks" they are.
  12. Its beginning of december so we're only about 55 days out i believe. Since we're in an interior balcony GTY I had high hopes for at least getting switched out to a OV balcony GTY. Because we booked alot later than everyone else in the group we won't be risking the loss of any "perks", they all have about $300 OBC that we don't have. At this point I would feel awful ditching out TA just to be able to call and make changes ourselves, especially since hes a family friend. But that being said, I hate that if I call RC they won't allow me to anything about our reservation. He was able to upgrade another cabin in our group but it was a while ago so I assume it was before the 90 days.
  13. We are cruising with a large group in December and have our cruise entirely paid off (minus pre paid gratuities). The price of our interior balcony guarantee just went down by a few hundred dollars and an OV balcony is also currently nearly as cheep. Our TA (we prefer to have full reservation control but due to the large group we went with the TA everyone else did) said when he called, RC considered the OV balcony guarantee an upgrade and wants to charge $280 for it.....meanwhile the OV balcony guarantee is a few hundred less than our current paid amount for an interior balcony. Why would we paid money to upgrade to a room thats currently cheaper!? Has anyone had success in getting some kind of switch out, OBC, something? Our TA suggested we call ourselves and try but they RC agents won't tell you ANYTHING when you're booked thru a TA. So I couldn't even attempt it.
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