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  1. VennDiagram, thank you, I didn't think I had any recourse since I did book it as a nonrefundable, but I appreciate your advice think both you and Flatbush Flyer are on the right track, as I have never had this kind of anxiety booking at a hotel.
  2. yes, isn't that the definition of insanity? Thank you Flatbush Flyer, although I do use Taxi services vs Uber/Lyft, I didn't consider the problems created by the vacation rental agencies and I truly do appreciate the advisement you lend as I live in an area that I don't think there are a lot of vacation homes nearby. However, I do have experience with low income housing that is disappearing in our area, but didn't realize that vacation rentals are replacing those venues, not just higher rent or demolition for vacation rentals. This is why I love this board!
  3. Cruising Friends, I need some advice from some experienced travelers and I’m not quite sure where to post this question, so I’m starting here. So, here's my story...I booked a "vacation rental" in Dublin pre-cruise for a place that was new to a vacation rental website and had no reviews. I thought to myself that the homeowner would likely be very conscientious being a new rental and wishing to get good reviews. Six months pass and the reviews are HORRIBLE, dirty, lack of communication, rental amenities not as described, etc. So, I canceled the booking, come to find out, it was a nonrefundable. I talk it over with DH and we decided reach out and ask the vacation rental agency if we can reinstate the booking so we don't lose the nonrefundable payment. I'm told they would have to check with homeowner to see if he would be agreeable. They contact me a day later and state that the homeowner is agreeable and that no extra charges would be added. I was advised to reach out to the homeowner to give our arrival time. I email the homeowner. Two months later, no response. I check the website that I booked the vacation rental and it shows that the rental is available during the time of our reservation, so I click on the button on the webpage to "ask (the owner) a question" and inform him that I attempted to communicate with him via email to confirm our reservation. He responds within 6 hours stating he never received an email or payment with our names or the dates in question. I reach out to the booking agency with our concerns. They respond that they will look into it and a few days later, the website shows that the vacation rental in question is booked and I receive an email that the owner gave them a verbal agreement that he is indeed honoring our reservation, they are waiting for something in writing and to communicate with him of our arrival time. So I send a message the same way I had the second time since it was more successful in getting his attention. Well, it has been a month now and the homeowner has not responded. What would you do? I am inclined to just book another vacation rental and consider this as an expensive learning opportunity, especially since the reviews are not great. DH is inclined to wait until we get to Dublin and see what happens (he's the spontaneous one, me...not so much), especially since we don't land in Dublin until 5:30 pm. Would you book another (more reliable, better reviews) accommodation and double your accommodation cost or wait until you arrive to see if indeed the homeowner will be meeting us at his vacation rental and confirm that the accommodations are not as promised and then decided whether to stay or note at 7-7:30 in the evening after traveling 21+ hours (yes, I am aware I making the latter sound terrible so that you will advise the way I hope you will). Since we are traveling with my mom, we didn't want to book a hotel and thought a vacation rental would be a better option and about the same cost as one (vs. two) hotel room. I guess my quandary is that the homeowner is telling the booking agency that he is honoring the reservation (yet nothing in writing, just a verbal), but he is not responding to my queries. What would you do? Please be kind in your judgments, as I have now learned to read the fine print and won’t be making that mistake again (or admitting it). We leave in a few weeks and I am having a bit of anxiety. Thank you in advance and I promise to let you all know what was decided and/or what happened when we arrived in beautiful Dublin (so excited)...
  4. Thank you all again! We Certified!!!! Very excited as we did not realize that the various dive shops put on dive trips and monthly fun dives to help us become more comfortable. ReneeFLL, thank you for the tip on the dive/snorkel forums, I have been trolling a couple of them.
  5. Thank you everyone, we have officially signed up for our Open Water Certification Course here at a local dive shop!
  6. We are planning a vacation in Tahiti and plan on scuba diving. DH has dived a handful of times but never certified and I have dived once and enjoyed it. We want to dive during our vacation in Tahiti planned for 2020 and are trying to decide if we should do a certification course here at home and be able to have more diving opportunities in Tahiti or take a certification course in Tahiti. We will be in Tahiti for 10-12 days, we live in Northern Nevada where our certification would take place in a very beautiful and VERY cold lake (Lake Tahoe). I would like to dive in Rangiroa if appropriate for our experience level. Any thoughts and advice?
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