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  1. Thank you for confirming how I thought disembarkation would take place. I must say this is one of the best boards on this site. Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you all again for your help and guidance.
  2. I'm now looking at flights to/from Amsterdam. I'm trying to find out how disembarkation will take place so that I can decide on the time for the flight home (which will be a very sad day). We dock back into Amsterdam on day 7, with disembarkation the next morning. I'm looking for confirmation of how I think disembarkation will take place. One: We can disembark whenever we want for me that will be after breakfast; 2) there will be no requirement once we disembark to go through Customs and Immigration before making our way to the airport. Unlike on a Caribbean cruise from New Jersey where you disembark then visit U.S. Customs and Immigration and then go to the airport. Please let me know if my thought process is correct. If not, please set me straight! LOL
  3. I have just booked my first river cruise with Avalon - Tulip Time May 6, 2020 saling from Amsterdam. I am looking for hotel recommendations that are near the dock or close by as I will be arriving the day before the cruise starts. I tried to find out which dock in Amsterdam we would be sailing from; however, that information is not yet available. Thank you.
  4. I will definitely be visiting the Keukenhof gardens. I've also heard that the flower market is also a must see.
  5. Thank you everyone for your responses to my questions re Avalon Waterways. Your insight and past experience helped me decide to book which I did today. I'll be sailing on the May 6, 2020 Tulip Time Cruise, Amsterdam to Amsterdam. I am very excited to experience a different style of cruising and to seeing the beautiful ports of call.
  6. This is correct. I just booked with Avalon this morning on a May 2020 cruise and the single supplement was waived. As the OP stated only certain cruises had the supplement waived.
  7. Seashell, thank you for your response. I'm hoping to decide where I want to go later today and then contact my travel agent. Viking wanted almost $10,000 for flight and 8 day cruise (that's with the single supplement). That's not in the cards. LOL
  8. Thank you for your response. I've travelled on my own several times and I have no problem meeting people. I've pulled off today the cruises in 2020 I am interested in which I will review later today and contact my travel agent to see which cruises have the single supplement available. Wish me luck.
  9. Hello everyone. I am searching for a European cruise in 2020. I've booked a British Isles cruise on NCL for May 2020; however, upon reviewing the ports of call it appears some of the ports of call are 2-3 hours from the central areas for travel. Also the cost of the shore excursions, whether through NCL or private, are pricey for what was being offered. So I'm looking at a river cruise and I see Avalon has waived the single supplement on some 2020 cruises. I've never done a river cruise before so I have some questions that I hope you will be able to answer. 1. What is the age demographic on a river cruise? I'm in my late 50's. Will I be too young or too old? LOL 2. Re stateroom locations. I see some of the staterooms (Artistry II) are on the same deck as either the propulsion room or engine room. Wouldn't that be noisy at night and interrupt one's sleep? 3. I see there are optional excursions available at some ports. Are these included in the price or would there be an extra charge for them? 4. Is the price all-inclusive? By that I mean, cruise, meals, alcohol, soft drinks, tea, coffee, and shore excursions? Thank you
  10. Hi, I just booked this cruise yesterday. I'm travelling by myself. I too am interested in going to the Keukenhof gardens. I will be happy to assist you and your daughter in getting to the gardens. I do not see going to the gardens as an excursion offered by NCL (at least not for this year). I don't see the 2020 excursions are available yet. From what I can see to get to the gardens is via train and/or bus. The Combi ticket, suggested by Dutch_Travelgirl may be the way to go. I checked with Viator and they do have day trips to the gardens which include accessible transportation. That's always an option.
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