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  1. First cruise we've booked is out of San Diego. Love that port.
  2. I use cruisedeckplans.com--something like $15/3 yr. membership allows you to see photos uploaded by others--combined with halfacts.com to vet rooms. I looked for 6215, but it has no pics attached. It is under the Rotterdam dining room and they often open that rear area for morning breakfast. It could be noisy then, but I doubt it would be too bad because the dining room is carpeted. We've been on other ships with those types of lengthwise aligned rooms and we loved them. The room is definitely larger than other interiors.
  3. You've got that right. Our last cruise on Holland was in late January. Went to BB King every single night. Standing room only, lots of dancing, etc. Busy days on shore, and so much to do after dinner that we had to prioritize every night.
  4. Sure. If the destination is good, the crew friendly, I'm just happy being on the water.
  5. Once we're shown to have immunity either via antibodies or a vaccine.
  6. And, no doctor can give you an exact date of those bites--they're either fresh, recent, or resolving. Bed bug feeding sites usually begin itching with 72 hours and, if not scratched extensively, resolve after a week or so. I doubt he'd have theorized "10 days old" unless he was told about the recent cruise history.
  7. I don't think that any insurance will cover you if there's an official travel warning/advisory/prohibition for an area--and you always run the risk of something like that being announced after final payment, or even during the cruise. I imagine it's the cost of extended quarantine that causes the companies to exclude coverage for it. I'm sure that it's going to be a crapshoot for awhile until the settles down. I never buy the cruise company insurance because the medical coverage is poor, but I may buy it now just so that I can cancel more easily.
  8. We always buy a travel insurance policy that has primary medical coverage, usually $100,000 plus. We also have MedJet Assist for the year so that with hospitalization, we can be flown back to our hometown healthcare ASAP.
  9. Off the Eurodam 2 weeks ago and seamlessly switched between two phones, a laptop, and a tablet.
  10. On our 10 Eurodam partial transit cruise two weeks ago we saw less than 5 children...............
  11. There will be 6 of us traveling together, so I'll be buying these [wristbands for the Fitbit Zip]: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U1YAJ42/?coliid=I1BDTEA756FQO2&colid=276YL82WWY91W&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  12. We're just off a Eurodam partial transit. To see entry into the locks, yes, about 5:30am. We opted for an excursion that included a Gatun lake cruise, a walk in the rainforest, and the new locks visitor center--something DH really wanted to see. We had a fabulous day. We watched the new Panamax ships go through, saw a movie about the Panama Canal, and walked through the nature center at the visitor center. The cruise was on a small, but reasonably comfortable covered boat and we saw tons of wildlife. The walk in the rainforest was easy and informative. The ent
  13. We just returned from a cruise on the Eurodam. About 6 days into the 10 day cruise, we sent out a small load of laundry that included 3 cotton/poly men's shirts, each with 2 zippered pockets. 24 hours later, they came back looking fabulous. On day 8, hubby puts on one of the shirts and tries to open a pocket..........not gonna happen because the zippers won't budge. He goes on to try the other two shirts and has the same results. I try all 3 shirts and come to the conclusion that the zippers are permanently fused shut, likely as a result of ironing. Now, these same 3
  14. Oh, we didn't get the discount because of our Mariner status. We got it because we didn't drink any wine.
  15. On our recent 10 day Eurodam cruise a paired wine, 6 course dinner, was offered with Top Chef winner, Kristen Kish. It was limited to one night in the Pinnacle Grill, 140 passengers over the evening. The event was wonderful. She visited each table and was very personable. She also did a cooking demonstration the day before of the beef dish she prepared for that evening. We don't drink wine, so we got the meal for half price 😊
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