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  1. Always yes to a Grand Suite...😁
  2. Bugger... Still have $2k being held by a resort in Fiji.......partial deposit paid 18 months ago..
  3. Any chance of flying to Fiji anytime this year, hopefully July/August?
  4. yes it did, bloody awesome video. miss "my" GS on Ovation 😉
  5. I am hoping to do a 15 day cruise in a GS with double points = 60. Will take me to 15 points short of Diamond+ in one cruise!
  6. G'day Guys, Some positive cruise news which is great. https://cruisepassenger.com.au/ponant-expects-to-sail-new-zealand-in-february-in-a-major-break-for-the-region/ Cheers Craig
  7. Bugger.. I have everything crossed for everyone in Fiji/South pacific.
  8. Hurry up Jacinta!!! 😁 I need the OZ - NZ flights to start with no quarantine requirements. Then OZ - FIJI flights soon after.. I really need to be sitting on a Pacific Island beach by August 2021 (1 yr late 50th b'day).
  9. Gday From down under! Full time mask wearing is a deal breaker for me. Australia has done extremely well dealing with Covid19 - we are almost back to pre-covid living. mask wearing is only recommended where SD can't be maintained eg public transport. its easier when you are a big island in the middle of nowhere..😁 I have everything crossed for Australia/New Zealand cruises starting mid to late 2021.
  10. it took 10 weeks to get our deposit back from our cruise from Sydney that RCI cancelled. on Voyage of the Seas that was scheduled to depart 2 days before Ruby Princess came in....🥵 Was to be our first cruise as Diamond.. We had USD $1,000 OBC to spend, we lost the OBC as it was "promotional"..🤑 Oh well...
  11. Gday all, great to see some positive talk for a very slow & controlled restarting of Aussie cruising! I tried to talk the better half into putting down a deposit on a 23 Dec 2021 12 day cruise.... A little more work required on my part... fingers crossed!
  12. BEST THREAD EVER!!! please keep it going till we can cruise again..😁 loving all of the stunning photos of places I haven't been & ships I haven't been on. Superb review as usual! Cheers Craig
  13. I still have everything crossed for a Fiji trip in mid August! BULA!
  14. Hi all, Received our refund this morning for Voyager of the Seas 18 March sailing. Got several emails with updates, very happy. Craig
  15. Fly to Fiji & sit on a stunning Fiji Island for 2 weeks, then fly home! If we all cross everything together it just might happen! Cheers Craig
  16. I'm guessing that Aus - NZ flights to start end of May!!
  17. I have everything crossed the "trans tasman bubble" opens soon... Then the "pacific bubble" Vanuatu & Fiji opens a month or so later... trip booked to Fiji in August..🙏
  18. Thanks CB, Got the email about 2 hours after I posted - WOHOO! getting really excited now...
  19. Gday guys, Staying in a GS and a week to go today & no concierge email as yet? Anyone else received the email? Or am I just being paranoid that the cruise may be cancelled? Craig
  20. I am also on 18 March Voyager South Pacific sailing. Will we have any prior notice to changes in itinerary, the day before would be great? Or do we only get told once onboard? Craig
  21. I agree... Have you ever seen crab or prawn mornay?? I haven't, they have to add the mornay sauce to give the lobster some flavor. I have had my share of just out of the water crayfish in NZ.... grilled on the boat's bbq = sweet as bro!!😎
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