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  1. Thank you both for your opinions. I made the switch and saved a little over $3,500!
  2. Just came across this post and want to thank you for all of the very helpful information. I have enjoyed reading your reviews in the past and will definitely read all of the information you posted on the Pride of America. Also enjoy your writing style and humor. Thank you again!
  3. Booked this cruise last week and just read your review. Thank you for posting an excellent review with lots of great information. I think I am going to also surprise my husband and young adult children and book Kauai Sporting Clays. However, as my husband is not too thrilled with this vacation, I might have to tell him in advance as an incentive to get more excited. I have one question. When you booked Ricky's Tours, did that include your trip to Volcanoes National Park or did the tour end before your lunch stop?
  4. We, consisting of my husband and I and our two young adult children, are currently booked in two adjourning cabins with large balconies. These cabins are our usual go to cabins. I just realized we would save approximately $3,000 if we switched to an 1 bedroom obstructed family suite which has two full bathrooms (requirement). Included in this category is butler and concierge service. But this cabin does not have a balcony as it seems to have one very large window and two other windows. My initial thoughts are to take the savings, but I am afraid I will miss the large balcony. Any opinions will be appreciated.
  5. 8130 on both ships and never heard any noise. Granted, we were further down, but my dad had a cabin closer to TDB and he had no complaints. In the morning, there is coffee and pastries available on the waterfront (both sides). We always started our day there relaxing on the comfy chairs while we waited for our young adult children to be ready.
  6. I vote for 8752. We loved being close to the waterfront when we were on the Escape and Getaway and I believe the Bliss is very similar.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your trip.
  8. Does these pictures show the area where the straw market used to be?
  9. Thank you, Jamie. I look forward to reading all about your trip and the comparisons. Have a great trip!
  10. Always book directly on website. However, would love to use the TA I use for our Disney trips (she is absolutely the best). My concern is would I be able to book dining, excursions, shows etc. myself or would she have to do it?
  11. Thank you and congratulations! I noticed you also went from SO to husband recently.
  12. Jamie, I have been following you since your first post (and remember you trying to convince your dad to take that first cruise). Anyway, my husband and I are very interested in trying out Celebrity. I have been over at the Celebrity boards and read the recent thread about the dress code. My husband always prefers to wear very nice shorts with a Tommy Bahama shirt on vacation--he really cannot stand the thought of wearing pants on a Caribbean cruise. I do not understand why jeans are accepted, but a nice pair of dress shorts is not. So, I am interested in your thoughts about the attire on your cruise. Looking forward to hearing all about your cruise!
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