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  1. LOL...I'm hardly doing to turn up to the port without a Set Sail pass!! Anyway, this isn't the issue. I was just explaining that in some countries the 'T&C's' etc on cruises are different and here if we use a TA, all payments and dealings have to go via this agent. Similarly our cancellation options (before final payment) are different. Always read about people cancelling cruises and getting refunds...simply doesn't happen here. You can't assume everyone's T&C's are the same, and its clear that things that are standard practice in one place simply aren't in another
  2. Not us us ( at least in the UK). my credit card charge was to my travel agent. When I called NCL the other week to see if they have received our balance they refused to answer and said I had to speak to my TA.
  3. noooooo I LOVE Priscilla! Only reason I go on Epic 😉 (only joking...I love her anyway). I was on the initial sailing after dry dock, Southampton to Barcelona in 2015 and every year since (apart from this year....!). Hope to go next year all being well and interested to see any changes.
  4. Our cruise to New England was cancelled for end of September, so a few weeks ago we booked a villa holiday in Majorca. That is looking decidedly 'iffy' now that the UK have advised against all non-essential travel to Spain (including the Islands). If the FCO advice is still the same nearer the time, the holiday will be cancelled by the tour operator so at least we shouldn't be out of pocket. But I'm hoping it's just a short term restriction.....!!
  5. ahh, those heady days when all we had to worry about was people hogging chairs by the pool, or whether NCL would serve Lobster in the buffet 😉 Better than this hell we are in.
  6. ahh maybe that's what is happening. As it is we have applied for refund, and NCL did say the CNV 25% bonus would disappear. Thanks anyway.
  7. I only used one CruiseNext on this cruise, which as we know has been returned to my Latitudes account (with a 25% FCC) You are correct in that we pay the TA quite far in advance of the cruise lines final payment date. Strange that the TA has gone through the 'process' of requesting refund from NCL (using the form) if they hadn't paid my balance over . I have had an email acknowledgement from NCL but I expect this is just an automatic thing. (I have also filled the online form and got the same acknowledgement). Either the person I spoke to at the TA has
  8. Yes, my latitudes accounts is showing 2 x Cruise Next Deposits (one of which was returned when the cruise was cancelled) of £203 each plus it shows this 25% FCC = £50.75 But no FCC for the total cruise fare
  9. I have spoken to the TA. They have confirmed in writing that if we did rebook we have the full FCC (and has even quoted the amount which is 25% of the full fare). But maybe they have negotiated this with NCL, even if NCL not actually received the balance yet - they are a large player in cruise Travel agencies in the UK. However I did then get confused as bearing in mind the Cruisenext cert has been returned to me to use again, I was surprised the FCC the TA is quoting is based on the full fare. So according to them I could make use of the FCC they are quoting AND use my CN c
  10. yes I wasn't sure. It's only 25% of the CruiseNext certificate value showing as a FCC (,not 25% of the full cruise fare). I even have doubts that the Travel Agent has paid our balance to NCL, which made me think maybe the £50.75 would stay on my account. I guess I'll just have to wait and see when I get the cash refund of the balance paid.
  11. When our September cruise got cancelled, NCL automatically returned the CruiseNext deposit and my account is also showing a FCC of £50.75 (25% of the £203 certificate). I have subsequently asked for refund of the cruise. Do you think they will take away the FCC already applied to me account? Should I spend it quickly before they do? 😉 Or is this standard?
  12. I usually need the Monday sea day to recover from Sunday's first night festivities 😉
  13. Looking at 2022 Epic cruises, and see they are squeezing an extra port in to the itinerary. Instead of the usual day at sea on Monday they are going to Ajaccio in Corsica. Then for some reason mixing up the Naples and Rome days some weeks. Price compared to 2021 is a quite a bit more though, unless 2021 is artificially low to entice bookings.
  14. I don't think my TA paid NCL either as when I enquired about using the FCC with another agent, they could see no FCC on my account ( apart from £50 in respect of the cruisenext certificate which had already been returned to my Latitudes account). However the original TA did still obtain 125% FCC on the full cruise price if we rebooked with them. (We haven't and have now asked for refund). But hopefully your TA will negotiate the FCC with NCL.
  15. Sorry for the situation you find yourself in. I don't agree 100% with all the people saying 'why didn't you just do it yourself'. Whenever I've used a TA, NCL then flat out refuse to deal with me direct and I would therefore assume this would be the case for the current situation and refunds. I have today gone to my TA to notify them I want a refund rather than FCC and ensured I took a name etc. As it is I have already received an email from NCL confirming the request so all good. In the OP case, do you have in your country the ability to put a 'charge back' or file for a Se
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