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  1. It was the Refreshment Package (rather than Soda package). I don't think it was due to cabin grade, just the 'deal' when booking. We shall just have to wait and see what happens when we get on the ship.
  2. It was included. We booked when cruise was half price for second passenger and 1 and 2 got "All inclusive". Annoyingly 3rd person in cabin actually bumped up the price per person and she didn't get the Deluxe Drinks package just the refreshment included. Usually my Niece comes with us and so if we had been 4 people in 2 cabins it would have been cheaper per person AND we'd all have got the drinks package. 3rd person doesn't drink an awful lot so if they will charge the full drinks package price we won't bother.
  3. Hello We are cruising in October on Harmony. We have three in cabin and only Pax 1 & 2 got the Deluxe Beverage Package with the promotion on offer. Third person has the 'Refreshment' package (not me LOL!!!). Currently the difference in price between the 2 packages (in £) is £26.60 per day. Do you think it would be roughly this to 'upgrade' once on board? I've asked RCL and they wouldn't give any estimate or let us do pre-cruise. If they charge us the full price we will probably not bother and just split whatever the 3rd person's drink bill is between us all. Thanks
  4. Hi I've done the Escape Room on Epic once (failed miserably!!). Me and my friends have just booked to go on Breakaway next year and I wondered if the Escape Room puzzle is the same ship to ship? Or do they rotate them around?. We have 2 sea days so might be good to do this on one of the sea days if the weather isn't great. Many thanks
  5. Thanks I'll have another look when I can.
  6. Glad it's not just me! I ended up calling RCL and she e-mailed confirmation of all the times booked to me.
  7. Hi Hope someone can help as I'm just going round in circles on the website. How do I see which are the 'Select' sailings where you earn extra latitude points? It just says log-in to view cruises and then all I see are ALL the cruises. Isn't there just a list of cruises that the offer applies to? Likewise the cruises that have "20% off" for latitudes members. I have quoted for a cruise both logged in to my account and not and the prices are identical. How do you know which cruises are eligible? Thanks
  8. I will actually miss Priscilla when it goes! Been on Epic 5 times and each time I have watched the show both days it's on 🙂
  9. again, my niece got a refund, probably day 2 or 3 as she wasn't drinking anything really!
  10. I sent it to latitudes-europe@ncl.com which I found in the 'contact us' section of website. They replied within a couple of days.
  11. ah that explains why my 2 June cruise wasn't showing. I logged it twice as a missing cruise and eventually sent them an email. They responded quickly and it's now added to my history. Now Silver! 🙂
  12. It's also quite short! It was playing at a small theatre near me and I looked at possibly going. The running time I think was only about an hour without any interval. So ideal really as entertainment for a cruise ship.
  13. Six is a new musical (hip hop I think) based on the six wives of Henry VIII. I haven't seen it but some of the music appeared on my spotify recently and I quite enjoyed it (as someone who doesn't normally enjoy rap music). From wikipedia.... The musical is a modern retelling of the lives of the six wives of Henry VIII presented as a pop concert, as the wives take turns singing and telling their story to see who had the worst time with Henry and will become the group's lead singer.
  14. Deck 12 of the lounge is really just a corridor with stairs down to the main lounge on 11. Just means you can access the lounge from 12.
  15. It’s strange some reports it’s a teenager from US travelling with parents, other a 63 Korean woman travelling with husband. Either way a tragic end to the holiday.
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