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  1. The early start is still the strange thing especially the beach tours going at 8.30am and back before 12.0. If we have to go on the ship tours that’s fair enough but there’s not that much choice and I’ve had a couple cancelled already. Could be the islands cancelling them 🤔 but I’ll use the local ones where I can and just play it by ear. Just keeping my fingers crossed that we go 😊
  2. I noticed this too and, like you, wondered why so many were such an early start especially when you are on holiday. I’ve booked a couple but am going to wait and see if things change and we can use the local taxi/ tour buses to the beaches. 🤔
  3. Thank you. I tried to find this information but this has clarified it. Will know tomorrow so can get onto it then. 😊
  4. I may have to amend the dates of my booking on Britannia. I have booked a select fare but can’t find the cost of amending the dates anywhere. I’ve tried to ring P and O but no luck and no reply to my e. Mail. Can anyone help?
  5. Good to hear this. I’m due to travel solo on the Britannia transatlantic in October 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼and have always enjoyed chatting and dining with both other solos and couples . I’m just staying positive that it will go. 😊
  6. I’m on this one too and was wondering the same thing so will be interested in the replies. 😊
  7. I’ve priced up a solo balcony on Britannia and tried to do the same for Arvera 😆 for any date to the Caribbean and its way over my price range even with the discount and I’m used to paying solo fares. 😨.....will wait and see what happens. Fortunately I’ve got a couple booked which have been transferred from last and this year (thank goodness) so all is not lost. Will keep trying though 😊
  8. Only shorts and t shirts needed.🏖☀️☀️ Well done and the right choice. I only got here this morning but considering extending my stay already. Might just as well be over here 😄😄
  9. I’ve just arrived. It’s scorching hot and absolutely no problems on the flight or over here. Just checked our QR code on arrival. I’ll worry about getting back home when the time comes 😆😆
  10. Mmmm.....could be a lonely cruise for solo travelers 🤔🤔
  11. I’ve got one booked for March.....cancelled from this year so re booked for 2021. Hope they are back sailing by then . Ok ....it will be different but I’m looking forward to cruising again.
  12. Me too 🙁😢..... 4 cancelled. Transferred 2 to next year but 2 were cancelled completely. Hopefully better days ahead in 2021. Keep well everyone 🚢🏖🍹😊
  13. Hi. I transferred my October T/A on Britannia which Was cancelled to the same one in October 2021. Solo equivalent on 2021 has gone up a mouthwatering £1000. I used my FCC so only have to pay another £350 towards it next year. I still got the same OBC. The way I looked at it was I wouldn’t have got the amount I got as FCC in any savings account so could not have afforded to book for next year. I suppose they have to make their money back somehow and it will be a long while before the cruising world gets back to ‘normal’ (if it ever does) so we will just have to accept the prices or not go. I don’t think any company will be any different. Let’s just hope for better days ahead 🚢🏖🍹🤞🏼😊
  14. Nic6318. Hey.... that’s a bit harsh!! If you read my comment earlier on in this thread I’m willing to give it a go as I’m confident that p and o and other cruise lines priorities will be to keep everyone safe. If they don’t think it’s safe we won’t sail. I’ve thought long and hard about my booking and made the decision that in 15/16 weeks they will have new safety regulations and rules which I am willing to abide by and if I don’t like them I won’t cruise again until things are more normal .....if they ever are. To call me and others un caring is insulting as we all make decisions for different reasons. You don’t know me or my reasons for going so please don’t make assumptions about me or anyone else. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion and you choose not to go so please respect other peoples decisions to try it out. I’m sure you’ll be happy to read the feedback we put on here when we get back safely (as I’m sure we will ! ) so maybe reserve your very personal remarks and assumptions till then.
  15. Exactly.....you just have to go with a positive and open mind and accept what is put in place or wait until you see what the changes are and then decide. Nobody has a crystal ball.... 😄🚢
  16. Thank you. I just feel that if it’s safe to go then the cruise will go ahead....if it’s not it will be cancelled. I’m sure P and O will make every effort to keep everyone safe and someone has to be first. I didn’t book this cruise on purpose it was already booked but I did make the decision not to cancel it for the reasons I stated before. I will definitely give honest feedback and, like I said, the changes won’t suit everyone and the final decision is then up to the individual. 🚢🙂
  17. Thank you. I’m hoping it goes ahead too 🤞🏼🤞🏼. I’m thinking that they won’t want to fill it to capacity (well I’m hoping that’s the case ! ) and they will liaise with us as to what works and what needs further adjustments. It’ll be a bit of an adventure into the future of cruising for everyone and I, for one, am happy to give it go. 🚢😄
  18. Well I’m booked on the Britannia TA on 23rd October and as wowzz says who knows what the situation will be by then and what the ‘new look’ cruising will be like. I’m prepared to give it a go and am going with an open mind to accept the changes and stay positive because if that’s the future so be it. I think if you’re unsure you’d be better off waiting to see what the feedback is from the passengers on these first few cruises and then make your decisions on whether or not you’re prepared to accept the changes or that they are going to spoil your enjoyment of the cruise. It is what it is and life is going to be different for everyone in all situations. Passenger and crew safety is paramount so I’m sure that the changes will reflect this whilst trying their hardest not to spoil the cruise experience. It’s going to be different wherever we go and whatever we do so we will just have to accept that and make our decisions knowing that. I’ll be happy to feedback on the experience and changes when I get back.🚢🙂
  19. Thank you and I will definitely let you know how we get on. I’m always a glass half full type of person and can’t do with negativity all the time. Life is what you make it and you make the decision to go with an open mind and the intention to enjoy the experience or don’t go but don’t but the downers on those who choose to go. I’m actually looking forward to the experience 🚢😄
  20. I’m booked on this on Britannia so hope it’s going 🚢. Will follow the new rules or new way of cruising with a positive attitude and intend to enjoy it. Hopefully the weather will be kind but not worrying too much as we’ll be in safe hands and going south it should soon improve and we should be okay after Madeira. Also it’s the end of October so the hurricane season should be over..... But in this topsy turvey world at the moment who knows 😄
  21. As a solo cruiser I have to agree with Denarius about the dining aspect. I love sharing a table with others and it’s one of the reasons I enjoy cruising so much. I can eat alone at home so I certainly don’t want to be doing it on holiday. Hopefully by the time October comes things will have been eased enough and steps put in place to overcome some of the challenges ahead. I’m still staying positive and will just see what happens.
  22. I’m booked on the TA on Britannia on 23rd October. I’m staying positive and keeping everything crossed that it goes ahead. It might be very different onboard but if it’s the way forward so be it. Until you try it you’ll never know. 😊
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