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  1. Most of the NYC departing cruises I've been looking at went up within a $10 range with this new sale from the 30% off sale. 🙃
  2. Not even then, IMO. Encore Bermuda cruises this summer, even studios are priced at around $1700 at the cheapest before taxes, fees, and any gratuities. Same Escape cruises in 2019 were like $950 for a studio. I got Escape 7-day Bermuda solo balcony deals twice last year for $599 each. I highly doubt studios will go below $1500 at this point. I saw NCL charging almost $1100 for a 4-day Bermuda cruise studio from NYC. Nah.
  3. I was on this cruise and I don't have pics but I can confirm prices went up. Items I used to see at $7 / $8 are now $11 / $12. The Carrot Halwa went up to $7. Sushi is around $12. IIRC, Ramen is $16 or $17 now. One thing that caught my eye was I dined at Food Republic on 3 different Escape cruises in 2019 (I noticed the price creep on my Sept 2019 cruise) and the final time in 2019 on this Bliss cruise and the portions seemed noticeably smaller. I had the SDP on allmy 2019 cruises so it covered up to 4 items at Food Republic but still. Paying more for less is not a good thing.
  4. Doesn't seem like any of the latitudes 20% cruises are sailing out of NYC
  5. I tendered in St Lucia once on the Gem a couple of years ago. It was fine in the morning. The issue was long lines at the end of the day to get back to ship
  6. The 2020 Encore Bermuda cruises continue to be ludicrously priced. Almost $1600 pre taxes & fees for a 7 day studio cabin. 🤯 The 2021 Joy 7-day cruises to Bermuda are even higher (I tend to sail solo) with an inside $1776 before taxes & fees.
  7. Of course this 30% off sale has been extended. The Bermuda "sale" prices are ludicrous.
  8. I was on the 12/1 Bliss cruise and the cars were running but not on the first day or last day that I saw. (high winds and/or snow & rain on those days on top of simply cold weather)
  9. I was on the December 1st sailing and I enjoyed it. I mostly kept to myself and didn't do a ton of activities but I did hit up some of the parties (in which I learned the glow party is now called Caliente) as well as the two big shows. I really enjoyed SIX. I thought Jersey Boys was fine though I laughed at the entry sign warning of "profane Jersey language" as if to split hairs on types of profanity. I didn't do the go-karts but I thought it looked cool (the guy running it told me $15 for eight laps). The garden cafe was challenge. Maybe I am spoiled from my Escape cruises this year but I found the layout a bit annoying and it was impossible for me to find a seat on embarkation day so I ate outside in the cold very quickly since there were seats available outdoors. It wasn't as bad once we got moving but the design of it makes it feel tight. I thought the same thing regarding Savor and The Local. The Starbucks on board also charges 20% gratuity fee but you can use the Starbucks app to buy things there too, so that was nice. Room really wasn't any different than the other mega ships (I had a balcony) though the Smart TV on Bliss is better IMO than TVs on other ships. The silent disco was fun. The 80s party was a blast on the pool deck. The 90s party ended up being in the atrium instead of the Spice due to weather but it was a lot of fun too.
  10. I've been doing my own thing for a while now, at least with Bermuda, Bahamas and Southern Caribbean cruises. It's easy as cabs will be waiting at ports to take folks to wherever they want to go, if you're not within walking distance. I just got off the Bliss last week and did my own thing for every port except Antigua where I did a NCL excursion. (My own thing was basically going to a previously researched beach on my own and relaxing all day before heading back).
  11. I noticed on the Bliss a few days ago when I was at Cagney's that they now charge for steak sauce. It is only $3 but when did that start? I was at Cagney's on Escape in June and don't recall that sauce fee. (I got off a 12 day cruise this morning)
  12. I miss the Beet and Goat Cheese Napoleon they used to serve, esp since my shellfish allergy limits the appetizers I can enjoy.
  13. I've been on the ship 5 times now and I've actually found it spacious for the most part. To me, the most crowded & stifling areas remain the pool area and the atrium.
  14. Yes, a few weeks ago on the Escape... and no regarding value. I used my platinum voucher for the meal. I think the salad bar is pretty good as well as the pineapple but the meats can be very hit or miss.
  15. If it was just 5 weeks ago, it wasn't all the time with cruises. I remarked upon it as it my first experience with them using it and I was on the Escape in June when it was still the old way of standing in line for an agent to check documents. I didn't notice if it sped things up but after the awful experience just getting off the ship, I was just happy to be almost free.
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