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  1. Embassy Suites here. Casino, free happy hour and a quick walk to the beach
  2. If you enjoy thrills ride a tour bus up the mountain from the town. About wide enough for one vehicle and always an adventure when two vehicles meet. Wish I had gotten liquored up before heading ashore 😀
  3. I’ve been contacted before when I had a horrible experience with shore excursions. They did a great job of following up and made sure I was happy in the end by offering me future cruise credit
  4. London is such a great city with so much to see. For those going I recommend a night cruise on the Thames as the city lights are impressive.
  5. Going on a 12 night Mediterranean in a month for less than that. I’ll stick with my interior smaller ships.
  6. Half the time they can’t even honor their own pricing because their systems are so screwed up. Countless times I’ve called for adjustments and been told things like ‘you can’t combine a resident discount with a Deal promo code’, yet lo and behold there it is on their website. Now I just immediately ask for a supervisor.
  7. I’ve never noticed any significant differences
  8. Done the 12 night Greek Isles and 12 night Venice out of Barcelona. Think they both had 3 sea days with 2 of them in a row. They were well spaced and gave ample time to rest up. Have another 12 nighter next month and that one has 4 sea days. Regardless you’ll likely be exhausted from you vacation 😉
  9. If they honor the snafu pricing , I hope it won’t impact those amazing gifts they give out at trivia. What would I do without my keychain?
  10. My father always told me that alcohol was evil. I thought he was full of crap but turns out maybe he was right after all 😳
  11. A mistake yes. Very similar to one I made when I accidentally cancelled the wrong RC excursion on their website before my last cruise and immediately called to explain but was told ‘I’m sorry but you’ll have to rebook at the now higher price’, which was significantly higher. Amazing how companies find ways to explain away their mistakes but when consumes make them their hands are tied.
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