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  1. We have eaten at Glady's so many times-does anyone know of any restaurants that serve conch that is within the shopping district and open flea market ?
  2. How is the KMart different from the ones at home -do they sell merchandise that can't be gotten anywhere else ? We are sailing on the Ruby Princess-how far is this shopping area from the dock ?
  3. Thanks for all you help about getting liquor on board !! Would you please be so kind and send me a copy of the patters ... mumsiesof2@aol.com
  4. You are so right ! Can soda be ordered instead-I don't think that it's right to make people order alcohol-it's really pushy-Maybe we need to carry our meds with to prove that we can't drink alcohol..what do you think ?
  5. Help me understand-you bought your stuff in Fort Lauderdale and packed it in your luggage and you had no problem taking it onboard ? Wasn't it checked by Princess & it arrived in your cabin without it being damaged ? One trip I took a battle of Bailey's with me in my carry-on that was bought in Fort Lauderdale & it was taken away and we didn't get it back until the last night of the cruise & I had to bubble wrap it to take it back home.
  6. You might ask one of the security people around the port-they would probably be able to help you....
  7. The map shows a tram that runs around Labadee, is it running or is it just for show ? Also,is there a fee and a schedule post for times at the different stops? Thanks !!
  8. Are there any shops that you could recommend ? Thanks !
  9. Ok all you great shoppers--I have a question-- our ship docks at San Juan & St.Maarten-where is it a better buy for liquor & cigarettes ? Any tips as to which stores have the best deal ? Thanks so much... p.s. our cruise leaves on Oct.3......so let's be quick with the info ;)
  10. The 2 of you are really funny :rolleyes:....... I am referring to the open air market on the Marigot waterfront... I would never invest on the U.S. or the NASDAQ.....all our monies are tied up in Israeli Bonds :D Have a Nice Day !!!!!
  11. What a great website---I checked out the situation for our Oct.3rd sailing & there won't be any other ships in the same ports when we sail !!!!!!
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