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  1. Hi. My travel agent is on vacation and I don’t want to bother her. But, I see a popular room available on a cruise I am monitoring for next year. 2 questions. First, If I book the room through the casino team to get 350 off, will I be still able to transfer for it to her? I know TAs can’t get credit for free cruises (even with add-ons) but this would just be a discount. Second, do TAs take a hit on commissions from transfers or do they get the same rate as if they booked it themselves? TIA!
  2. Hi, I assume this has been asked before.. but I read through several long threads and didn't see it, so apologies if it has. IF RCL cruises from FL in November (still a big if, I know), do you think they will reach their deduced capacity by natural attrition or does it seem like they would need to reduce capacity further and move people off? I know it's impossible to know for sure, just curious on people's thoughts. It looks like a lot of rooms are available already. We are booked on a casino comp, but I paid to upgrade. Since I can't lift and shift and
  3. Any word I exclusions for casino booking? it would be amazing to be able to move a basically free cruise to next year... but seems almost too good to be true?
  4. You think they will bounce the free Casino Royale cruisers? Or do they want them gambling? I guess the casinos will be different anyway, so, it might not matter.
  5. Hahaha. Well, some of the give back was to other parts of the ship. My wife got all the upsells she wanted in the spa;) And I guess I got a free cruise out of it so I still came out a winner. At least until I lose in November. Ha.
  6. I had to call multiple times because we kept getting cut off, but finally got a steal of deal. Thanksgiving cruise for 4 on the Harmony in a OV balcony for ~$1100. I had a fair amount of club royale points... but only because I got lucky on my last cruise and hit a straight flush on 3 card on a big bet. I gave it all back to them over the course of the week, but it made for some fun nights in the casino!
  7. Thanks, Ken. we added our 4 and 7 year old kids to a comp Club Royale cruise and upgraded to the CP, so we will be comfortable enough. Just wanted to confirm that we weren't trying to put both the kids in that bed.. because none of us will survive that:) Thanks!
  8. Sorry to kick this thread back up, but thought you all might could help.... Does anyone know if for the CP balcony rooms that have the sofa bed (the ones with the triangle in the deck plans) and are supposedly for 4 people... does the bed fold out of the sofa, or do they just take the pillows off the back? I found pics of the couch bed set up for CP room, but it looked entirely 2 small to hold one than one person, so I am hoping that room was meant for 3. We booked 10593 on the Harmony in Dec. Thanks!
  9. Yesterday I kept getting a echo from them and it was breaking up. Seemed okay this morning though. I was frustrated yesterday because I couldn't hear them, but I am glad I called back because I got a much better deal today.
  10. sorry if this is already posted in here.. but if you add upgrades, like let's say, add 2 people and upgrade to a balcony, is the full balance due at booking or the remainder due at 90 days? Thanks!
  11. Our June 26 alaska cruise is canceled. Just got the email. We weren’t supposed to be in Canada until July 2.
  12. I am sure it varies by time of year and the weather and such, but I thought the snorkeling at Coco Cay in June was terrible. I was in the water for 1.5 hours and saw a turtle and maybe 3 fish. Otherwise, I was staring at sea plants and other people's fins.
  13. We are canceling our 2 for this year. Not because I am scared of cruising.... but because I am scared for my job. I don't want to tie up cash in a cruise that could end up being a FCC. It's sad, but a real fear.
  14. We are booked on the June 26 sailing of the ovation. We dock in Victoria on July 2, so we technically could be okay... but who knows. Final payment due next week. I know we could get the FCC, but still a tough call.
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