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  1. Thank you so much for posting this advice. I do have a question: when joining the website, it advises it is 25 GBP per person OR 45 GBP for 2 people living at the same address. My question is - can one person join and buy more than one ticket? I don't see the advantage of registering both my husband and myself, if one membership can purchase two tickets. Thanks in advance. 🙂
  2. Thanks. I'll definitely check it out before I reserve. But I'm not sure I can because the second leg is a Transatlantic, and it is longer than 14 days. From what I understand, 2 weeks before/after is the maximum time you can book. Hopefully the flights are open soon and I can figure it all out! I appreciate your advice 🙂
  3. THANK YOU!!!!! I really appreciate this! I will go and look that up.
  4. It won't be a round trip. We embark in Copenhagen and disembark 28 days later in NYC.
  5. Thank you SO much!!!!!!! I will definitely make note of both of your suggestions 🙂 We LOVE Scotland. I lived in Aberdeen until I was 5, then we moved to Canada. I returned often to visit family, and now my husband loves it as much as I do.
  6. Thanks! Hope you both enjoy the Sky in November. We are still very disappointed we won't be joining you.
  7. Thanks. That is what we originally planned, so if it doesn't go through EZAir, its not that difficult to book a quick one way from Edinburgh to Copenhagen.
  8. Thanks for the heads up, Frank. I will check it all out before we book. Although I'm not terribly concerned for our flight home, as its just a quick jump from NYC to Toronto.
  9. Actually, this is a b2b. We booked them seperately, so we have two different booking numbers. I just assumed we could book the flight over using booking #1, and then our flight home using booking #2. Is that correct?
  10. Perfect! This is exactly what I was hoping to hear. Many thanks 🙂
  11. Thanks Frank.I'll try to do a ghost reservation. We are only about 10 days until we are 330 out, so we should be able to book soon. And the tattoo tickets are not on sale until December, so there is no panic. I just wondered if it was even possible before I amp up my excitement! 🙂
  12. That is GREAT! We want to fly to Edinburgh, take in the Tattoo, and then grab a one way flight to Copenhagen. Our flights are still not available, so I haven't been able to play around to see if this could be done. Many thanks!
  13. Would someone be able to advise if it is possible to book via EZAir to a point that is NOT the embarkation port for the cruise? We are cruising out of Copenhagen next year, but would like to start our vacation in a different city about a week earlier, and make our way there. Is this possible? Many thanks in advance. 🙂
  14. Thank you 🙂 Clearly if we want to browse OSJ we will have to race off as soon as we arrive!!!!
  15. Thank you Guatiao! I wish we arrived earlier in the day. It would have been perfect if we could have had the entire day to visit, and then the evening to enjoy the restaurants/bars!
  16. Would someone kindly advise what time the stores in OSJ close. We will be visiting in November, but sadly we don't dock until 3:30 pm. We leave at 11 pm. Very strange hours to visit a Caribbean Island IMHO. 🙂 Thanks in advance
  17. We only ran out once, and that was because I forgot to log out!!!!!!!! Lesson learned! LOL 🙂
  18. Forgive my ignorance, but our first medallion cruise will not be until next year. Would someone please clarify if the free internet minutes that used to be offered to Elite members is still offered? We usually don't use up the "free" minutes, so I don't anticipate benefiting from unlimited minutes in our case. TIA 🙂
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