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  1. Once the airlines allow us to travel maskless, we'll consider cruising. Not until then. "... enclosed, pressurized..." Compressed fresh air inside the fuselages. Oh, the horror.😱
  2. https://www.garda.com/crisis24/news-alerts/421156/brazil-authorities-ban-direct-flights-from-uk-effective-dec-25-update-22 Authorities in Brazil have banned all flights originating in or transiting through the UK effective Dec. 25. Officials stated that the measure is due to the spread of a variant strain of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) detected in the UK. In addition, all foreign travelers who have been in the UK in the preceding 14 days will be barred from boarding Brazil-bound flights. It is unclear how long the measures will be in place.
  3. Travel to/from UK now severely restricted. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/british-coronavirus-strain-investigating-1.5849235
  4. https://www.latimes.com/environment/story/2020-10-18/galapagos-islands-threats-illegal-fishing-pandemic By SUSANNE RUST OCT. 18, 20205 AM GALAPAGOS ISLANDS, Ecuador — Just south of the Galapagos’ Marchena Island, there’s a dive spot known by locals as the “fish arena.” There, within the choppy, cool waters of the Pacific, thousands of colorful fish swim in schools, lobsters poke their long antennae out of rocky outcrops, dolphins bear their young and moray eels gape menacingly at visitors who swim too close. Charles Darwin documented the rich biota of these islands in the early 1800s. In more recent times, an unofficial network of local tour boats and fishing vessels has worked to protect it, by keeping an eye out for those who might harm the marine bounty. But the pandemic has grounded this surveillance fleet, creating an opening for outsiders. Earlier this summer, more than 300 Chinese fishing vessels — many designed to hold 1,000 tons of catch — waited at the marine preserve’s border, ready to snatch up sea life as it migrated south toward the waters off Peru and Chile. By some estimates, China has a “distant water” fishing fleet of 17,000 vessels that has been involved in fishing conflicts off the coasts of West Africa, Argentina and Japan in recent years. Now this fleet is triggering similar anger off Ecuador and Peru, two nations highly dependent on their robust near-shore fisheries. “This is an attack on our resources,” said Ángel Yánez Vinueza, the mayor of Santa Cruz canton, the Galapagos’ equivalent of a province. “They are killing the species we have protected and polluting our biota with the plastic waste they drop overboard. They are raping the Galapagos.” Full article attached. Galapagos Islands threatened by fishing fleets and COVID-19 - Los Angeles Times.pdf
  5. Tui Mein Schiff crew test positive on first Greek cruise - Daunting challenges of contingency planning... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/28/crew-first-post-lockdown-greek-cruise-contract-coronavirus-maltese
  6. Previously posted in another thread, but Uniworld did eventually did provide a full refund.
  7. If you are asking about payments for SPB tours it would be best to refer to their FAQ page. https://www.spb-tours.com/index.php?pageid=6
  8. Some good news -- Thanks to our wonderful and tenacious TA, Uniworld has refunded our full cruise fare and waived the $200/pp cancellation penalty ! Timeline for Frankfurt to Baden-Baden cruise originally scheduled to sail July 02 2020: Initial Deposit: Feb 01, 2020 Final Payment: March 04, 2020 Cancel policy in effect on date of final payment: Uniworld cancelled the cruise on Jun 01 2020 and promised our TA a full refund within 60-90 days. Uniworld official cancellation of our booking: June 02, 2020 Refund payment posted to our credit card: Sept 05, 2020. Happy with the final result, but wow... what an ordeal ! Gold stars to our TA !!
  9. We were very happy with this company in 2015 for small-group tours. SPB Tours in Russia So much to see ! St Isaacs Peterhof Catherine Palace and Amber workshops Hermitage Church on the Spilled Blood Evening Option - Russian Ballet We opted to skip Moscow on that cruise but it remains on our bucket list. Good luck and safe travels!
  10. Updated yesterday: https://www.silversea.com/temporary-amendment-to-cancellation-policy.html AS OF SEPTEMBER 1, 2020 SILVERSEA “CRUISE WITH CONFIDENCE” OUR NEW CANCELLATION POLICY NOW EXTENDED THROUGH 30 APRIL, 2021 YOU CAN BOOK YOUR CRUISE WITH CONFIDENCE You will be allowed to cancel your cruise for any reason up to 48 hours prior to departure and receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit with a 2 year validity, for all voyages departing prior to 30 April, 2021. VOYAGES CANCELED BY SILVERSEA - Guests will receive up to 125% Future Cruise Credit* for cruises canceled by Silversea. This is an incredible value to enhance your future cruise by upgrading your stateroom category, for example. · Future Cruise Credits are transferable to family and friends, and can be used partially and applied on more than one new booking. · The process is very easy. Upon cancellation of the voyage, Silversea will email the guest the Future Cruise Credit, within 15 days, to the email address in the reservation. If the guest booked through a travel agency, the travel advisor will also receive a copy of the Future Cruise Credit. If the guest booked through a Tour Operator, the guest will have to reach out to their Tour Operator agent. · If guests decide to forego the Future Cruise Credit, a cash refund option is also available.^ · If guests booked Net Rates, then they will receive a 100% FCC. This applies for voyages cancelled in July 2020 forward. EXCLUSIVE VENETIAN SOCIETY CRUISE DAYS: On voyages cancelled by Silversea due to Covid-19 from March 1, 2020 onward Venetian Society members will accumulate VS days on the cancelled voyage as well as on the new booked with the FCC. ^^ CANCEL UP TO 48 HOURS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE FOR VOYAGES THROUGH 30 APRIL, 2021 And receive a FUTURE CRUISE CREDIT WHEN GUESTS CANCEL UP TO 48 HOURS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE: · If guests cancel up to 48 hours prior to voyage departure date they can elect to receive 100% Future Cruise Credit* equivalent to the portion of the booking paid, minus any cancellation penalties from 3rd party suppliers charged to Silversea. If guests opt for a cash refund instead, standard Silversea cancelation terms will apply. · Future Cruise Credits are transferable to family and friends, and can be used partially and applied on more than one new booking. · The Future Cruise Credit can be applied towards a booking with a promotional pricing. · We have made the process very easy. Upon cancellation of the voyage, Silversea will email you the Future Cruise Credit, within 15 days, to the email address in the reservation. If you booked through a travel agency, your travel advisor will also receive a copy of the Future Cruise Credit. If you booked through a Tour Operator, please reach out to your Tour Operator agent.** - Valid for cruises through 30 April, 2021. WHEN GUESTS CANCEL LESS THAN 48 HOURS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE: · Penalty will be 100% of the booking. · Penalty for DACH markets is as follows: o 80% of the voyage price if cancellation happens between 2 and 1 day before departure o 95% of the voyage price if cancellation happens on the departure date or if there a no show TERMS & CONDITIONS Cruise with Confidence does not apply to chartered sailings & groups. Silversea reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions at any time without prior notice or liability. Offer can be withdrawn without notice. * FUTURE CRUISE CREDIT (FCC) The FCC has 2 year of validity from the issuing date. The FCC will be issued in the amount of the booking value paid. Booking value refers to the cruise fare plus any other purchased via Silversea such as air upgrades, deviations, transfers, insurance, hotel, land tours and pre and post and tours. The FCC issued will be net of any penalties imposed to Silversea by these suppliers. Cruises cancelled by the guest: No additional payment will be accepted after the clients and/or the travel advisor has already communicated to Silversea their wish to cancel the cruise and qualify for the FCC. Cruises cancelled by Silversea: The FCC is computed on what has been paid on the day the cancellation is communicated by Silversea; NO additional payment will be accepted on cruises that Silversea has already announced to be canceled. The FCC can be applied towards land programs, hotels, air and other non-cruise component of the new booking; ad hoc exceptions can be evaluated by Silversea. For Net Rates, the FCC will be issued at 100% of what was paid. The FCC can be moved voyage to voyage towards any other 2020 voyage. If the value of this certificate is applied to a cruise fare of less than its assigned value, a new Cruise Credit for the remainder of the certificate’s value will be issued subject to the same terms and conditions as stated herein. Once applied toward future cruise(s), the Cruise Credit will be rendered null and void. The Cruise Credit will be honored in the name(s) of the Guest(s) included on the Cruise Credit, or as a one-time exception the Cruise Credit can be transferred with a notarized letter from the Cruise Credit holder, naming the friend(s)/relative(s) the Credit is being transferred to. The FCC cannot be used for a past booking or a booking that has been paid in full. If guests have an FCC that was applied to the cancelled booking, this FCC will be reinstated with expiration date to December 31, 2020. Guests must sail by December 31, 2021. Once re-activated, it can be combined with the Cruise with Confidence FCC on the new booking. FCC can be combined with current promotions, meaning that FCC can be applied towards a booking with a promotional pricing. ^^ The double Venetian Society Days promotion is only applicable to FCC associated to cruises cancelled by Silversea. The guest will accumulate Venetian Society days of the original cancelled booking and the ones associated with the new booking. It is combinable with all public fares and promotions excluding reduced rates and net deals. Only eligible for the Guests included in the original booking. If FCC is cancelled, and the guest opts for cash back instead, then the additional Venetian Society days will be removed. Other restrictions may apply. ^ CASH REFUND The cash refund of the booking cruise fare paid to be credited to the original method of payment could take up to 90 days but will typically be received within 30 to 45 days of guest’s request, due to exceptional workload Silversea is facing. The refund of 3rd party items purchased via Silversea such as air upgrades, air deviation fees, transfers, insurance, hotel, land tours, pre/post and overlands will be net of any penalties assessed by the suppliers. Regarding the refund of 3rd party items purchased independently such as such as air upgrades, deviations, transfers, insurance, hotel, land tours and pre and post and overland tours; please reach out to the airline carrier, tour operator, or hotel supplier/chain directly to discuss options. In the case of sailings cancelled by Silversea, the refund of cancellation costs of any independent air arrangements will be evaluated upon presentation of the expenses to our guest relations department. Unless the refund has already been processed, clients can change their mind and ask for the FCC at any time. On all insurance items: no refunds allowed; guest should file a claim with the insurance company first, prior to any refund/FCC given. Specific about insurance in the US market: AON & Allianz insurance policies are now fully refundable in the event that Silversea cancels the voyage and the guests active booking is thus cancelled due to our cruise cancellation.
  11. 2021, not 2022 - correct? https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/contact-us/travel-health-advisories
  12. Updated - https://www.uniworld.com/en/already-booked/travel-information/
  13. It's crazy, TLCOhio (let's be mindful of our commas 😉) https://www.silversea.com/information-on-itinerary-changes.html https://www.silversea.com/ships/silver-origin.html These are certainly not the only exemplars of the chaos abundant across the travel industry.
  14. The Sept 19 and 26 voyages are back up on the web site. https://www.silversea.com/ships/silver-origin.html
  15. Inaugural cruise now rescheduled to Oct 3 2020. https://www.silversea.com/ships/silver-origin.html
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