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  1. https://www.garda.com/crisis24/news-alerts/421156/brazil-authorities-ban-direct-flights-from-uk-effective-dec-25-update-22 Authorities in Brazil have banned all flights originating in or transiting through the UK effective Dec. 25. Officials stated that the measure is due to the spread of a variant strain of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) detected in the UK. In addition, all foreign travelers who have been in the UK in the preceding 14 days will be barred from boarding Brazil-bound flights. It is unclear how long the measures will be in place.
  2. Travel to/from UK now severely restricted. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/british-coronavirus-strain-investigating-1.5849235
  3. https://www.latimes.com/environment/story/2020-10-18/galapagos-islands-threats-illegal-fishing-pandemic By SUSANNE RUST OCT. 18, 20205 AM GALAPAGOS ISLANDS, Ecuador — Just south of the Galapagos’ Marchena Island, there’s a dive spot known by locals as the “fish arena.” There, within the choppy, cool waters of the Pacific, thousands of colorful fish swim in schools, lobsters poke their long antennae out of rocky outcrops, dolphins bear their young and moray eels gape menacingly at visitors who swim too close. Charles Darwin documented the rich biota of these islands in the ear
  4. Tui Mein Schiff crew test positive on first Greek cruise - Daunting challenges of contingency planning... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/28/crew-first-post-lockdown-greek-cruise-contract-coronavirus-maltese
  5. Previously posted in another thread, but Uniworld did eventually did provide a full refund.
  6. If you are asking about payments for SPB tours it would be best to refer to their FAQ page. https://www.spb-tours.com/index.php?pageid=6
  7. Some good news -- Thanks to our wonderful and tenacious TA, Uniworld has refunded our full cruise fare and waived the $200/pp cancellation penalty ! Timeline for Frankfurt to Baden-Baden cruise originally scheduled to sail July 02 2020: Initial Deposit: Feb 01, 2020 Final Payment: March 04, 2020 Cancel policy in effect on date of final payment: Uniworld cancelled the cruise on Jun 01 2020 and promised our TA a full refund within 60-90 days. Uniworld official cancellation of our booking: June 02, 2020
  8. We were very happy with this company in 2015 for small-group tours. SPB Tours in Russia So much to see ! St Isaacs Peterhof Catherine Palace and Amber workshops Hermitage Church on the Spilled Blood Evening Option - Russian Ballet We opted to skip Moscow on that cruise but it remains on our bucket list. Good luck and safe travels!
  9. Updated yesterday: https://www.silversea.com/temporary-amendment-to-cancellation-policy.html AS OF SEPTEMBER 1, 2020 SILVERSEA “CRUISE WITH CONFIDENCE” OUR NEW CANCELLATION POLICY NOW EXTENDED THROUGH 30 APRIL, 2021 YOU CAN BOOK YOUR CRUISE WITH CONFIDENCE You will be allowed to cancel your cruise for any reason up to 48 hours prior to departure and receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit with a 2 year validity, for all voyages departing prior to 30 April, 20
  10. 2021, not 2022 - correct? https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/contact-us/travel-health-advisories
  11. Updated - https://www.uniworld.com/en/already-booked/travel-information/
  12. It's crazy, TLCOhio (let's be mindful of our commas 😉) https://www.silversea.com/information-on-itinerary-changes.html https://www.silversea.com/ships/silver-origin.html These are certainly not the only exemplars of the chaos abundant across the travel industry.
  13. The Sept 19 and 26 voyages are back up on the web site. https://www.silversea.com/ships/silver-origin.html
  14. Inaugural cruise now rescheduled to Oct 3 2020. https://www.silversea.com/ships/silver-origin.html
  15. Silver Origin is now moored at Manta, Ecuador. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:5864551/zoom:14 Edit: Ooops - I see that DCCruiser57 had already posted.
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