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  1. Could you share a screenshot of the email itself?
  2. I believe TAs have to buy OBC at least 2 weeks in advance, so they could know
  3. It's only showing nonrefundable deposit fares. Is it possible to get it to show refundable, too?
  4. Small tip: If it's after final payment, you're not going to see a huge price discrepancy between agencies that are rebating. Get a rebate from an agency you like - it should be around 7-10%. Before final payment you can find much larger price discrepancies from agencies that have groups available.
  5. Has anyone noticed fresh fruit smoothies on board anywhere? I've seen them in the solarium on other ships. Thank you.
  6. I was on the Anthem last summer and the Royal Refreshment included fresh fruit smoothies from the solarium bar. Does anyone know if the Jewel has a smoothie bar too? It's on sale right now and I'm trying to decide if I should buy.
  7. Yes, these are most likely group rates. Agencies have always had them, but it was only recently that they started listing them on their website (and sometimes making them available for online booking). Group prices are locked in early and can be held until 90 days before the sailing, so if the direct price goes up they start to become great deals. Agencies are limited to 16 of these cabins on each sailing, so you'll be limited on the exact categories you can choose from.
  8. I'm in a guarantee and hoping it might get assigned if I pay in full. Will I lose any privileges (cancellation, name change, etc) if I pay in full now?
  9. Sailed on the Anthem recently and loved the made-to-order smoothies in the solarium. Are there any on Jewel?
  10. Does anyone know if/where I can find Creme Brulee on the Anthem?
  11. Does anyone know a bit about how the Disney express service excursion works at port canaveral? We arrive at port canaveral 6:30am, depart at 9pm. The excursion says it lasts 10 hours. I'm wondering if it's possible to hit two parks in that time? I'm also considering renting a car instead of doing the excursion. More flexibility and shouldn't be too much more expensive. Has anyone ever made that work?
  12. Does anyone have any experience with Category G on Quantum Class? It's more expensive than my usual balcony guarantee and it doesn't have a balcony, but something seems cool about being on the front of the ship. Thoughts on if it's worthwhile?
  13. I've been eyeing the prices on a sailing for a while and was pretty excited to receive the 30% off email from RCCL today. Turns out 30% isn't being taken from yesterdays cost, but instead some random price? Any thoughts on this?
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