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  1. Hey folks, sorry the Wizard has stopped updating. Due to current market conditions, Windstar is being more guarded with the data it publishes, and has disabled the feed until further notice. I'm in touch with them and working to get it running again as soon as possible!
  2. Thanks so much for the kind words everyone! Very happy to hear it's helpful. @kbr Regarding 1/25: Yes, it looks like it disappeared because the sailing is sold out. Eventually I'll find a way to keep a sailing showing after it sells out - unfortunately, that's going to be a bit more involved than I'd like. (Have a great trip!) I was able to remove the temporary placeholders - thanks for calling them out. Hi @TakingFlight! Which ship and sail date are missing? I'll take a look... There is a lag, but it shouldn't be more than a day. Occasionally something breaks and it takes two days. Something's not working right if it's taking a week.
  3. Wondering if anyone has thoughts on this. I've seen a few reviews where people spend their overnight in Bora Bora at a bungalow instead of on the ship. The big downside - besides cost - seems to be that you miss the "Celebration Festival" - and then there's no guarantee the food off ship is as good as the Celbebration festival. Has anyone tried an overnight or Bora Bora, or heard from others? Thanks!
  4. Glad to hear it's working for you, @kbr! Maybe I'll add a feature to list what percent of the ship is sold out...I also hate that "almost sold out" line. That's really weird about the pricing. I think the prices I list should always match Windstar's prices. Maybe your agent has a group rate? That's such a huge difference! @Host Jazzbeau I believe that issue is fixed for all sailings now, but let me know if you spot it again 🙂
  5. Thanks @Host Jazzbeau! Always bound to be a few bugs... I think I've spotted the issue in my code and the pricing and availability should fix itself over the next day.
  6. Hey all. I make websites when I'm not cruising and was able to pull this together. Sorry it's ugly, but hope it helps! https://www.windstarwizard.com I'll experiment a bit with getting it to update more frequently (right now it's just daily). Unfortunately Windstar doesn't make this easy, but hope this beats waiting until 2021 😅
  7. I booked a last minute sailing during the true tropics sale, and once the sale ended the price dropped a few hundred per person. That annoyed me a bit... I guess all the lines do fake sales though 😞
  8. Wondering if there's a way to see which cabins are available without picking up the phone.
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