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  1. This whale watching boat came in a little too close...
  2. The ships literally dock curbside on Harbor Dr. Google Maps
  3. The company was originally founded as Viking River Cruises. In 2013 they re-branded as Viking Cruises and created River and Ocean subsidiaries. The legal entity for billing might still be Viking River Cruises.
  4. I wouldn't put too much stock with it being listed as PST. In my experience a lot of people don't have a clue about the difference between PST and PDT. The unaware and unmotivated use the two interchangeably. It's a real pet peeve of mine when I receive memos that are obviously wrong. Any global company should state the time in GMT.
  5. There is a check box for both passengers for each excursion in MVJ. Either or both can sign up using one account/log in.
  6. Wi-Fi tends to be worse during the high demand period right after tours and right before dinner (People's phones are syncing the photos they took that day). It's also better when docked. It's adequate for email and texting. Don't expect to stream video. I also kill all the background apps, disable auto app update, and disable notifications for anything except essential apps.
  7. Last September we took the Salisbury and Stonehenge walk. Two bucket list items in a day. The guide was excellent. He also does the Cambridge day trip which I hear rave reviews about. We also did the Changing of the Guard walk. Much different then just standing in front of the palace. The guide has it timed so you see pieces of three different guard units coming from the barracks from different vantage points in St James Park. You end up at the Horse Guards to see them changing from a unique vantage point. Real up close. This was a pleasant surprise. 6B1E1A71-AB28-420A-90F8-BB2FB011BB93.MOV
  8. The last few times we were in London we took the London Walks tours. I highly recommend them.
  9. Can anyone post pictures of the differences?
  10. Sounds like they might be moving to the Viking Ocean model and moving away from vouchers on river cruises.
  11. The biggest problem will be crossing Harbor Drive to go back to the parking lot with your car. Leaving the cruise ship terminal, you can't make a left to go northbound on Harbor Dr. You'll have to go around the block, which will take you a lot longer than just crossing the street and walking along the Embarcadero. Plus, it's a picturesque walk along the harbor.
  12. Yes. It activates when connected to ship's Wi-Fi.
  13. Sounds like this was a WC publicity/goodwill gesture, Viking entering new markets, etc. Probably a one time occurrence.
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