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  1. Besides the Zoo, Balboa Park features dozens of attractions. One hidden gem is the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. It’s 32,000 sq ft of model trains and has some of the largest model railroad exhibits in the world. Kids get in free. https://www.sdmrm.org/permanent-exhibit
  2. We stayed in 6017 on the Jupiter. It's below the Owner's Suite and the hallway dead ends with an entrance to the bridge. Very quite, literally no traffic, and the Explore's Lounge is one short flight of down stairs. We loved it.
  3. We were on the Jupiter last April and someone asked the resident astronomer if he would do a planetarium show. He agreed and handed out a very limited number of tickets to an impromptu show he arranged that actually used the planetarium as intended, something more than a 3D theater. This off-the-cuff show was much better than the films being shown. Viking has really have missed the boat so to speak. It's an expensive piece of equipment that is underutilized. A planetarium should be used as one, not as just a movie theater.
  4. The Gaslamp is mostly night time dining, drinking, etc. catering to the convention center and the ballpark crowd. Old Town has more for the kids to do and plenty of Mexican restaurants. BTW You can take the trolley right there from the Gaslamp or the Santa Fe Depot. The ship docks a short distance from the trolley line and the Santa Fe Depot. https://www.google.com/maps/place/International+Cruise+Ship+Terminal/@32.7176158,-117.177443,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x80d954aca9ecb9c9:0x6fed643b4482ecd5!8m2!3d32.7176158!4d-117.1752543
  5. Here is the Balboa Park food guide. As I stated above, very limited. https://www.balboapark.org/explore/eat-drink
  6. Food options in the park are limited. The zoo has several places to eat but the rest of the park are small snack stands in the museums and one restaurant. The city has resisted letting fast food franchise enter the park. All the buildings are historic and the facades are protected. The Park was built for the Panama Exhibition that celebrated the opening of the Panama Canal. The collection of exotic animals on display for the event because the San Diego Zoological Society. Shots of buildings in the park as well as the zoo aviary were used in the movie Citizen Kane to represent Zanad
  7. The train DOES NOT go to the airport. There is a city bus that services the airport. It's about a 10-15 minute ride. BTW there is a new transit center hub in the planning stages that will attempt to integrate rail/air transportation, but that's at least 10 years away and will cost $4.7 billion. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/tourism/story/2019-09-20/4b-the-price-tag-for-a-grand-central-station-and-underground-people-mover-to-san-diego-airport
  8. Definitively the Zoo. It's in Balboa Park and there are tons of things to do there besides the zoo. It's much more compact and you'll see more with limited time. Safari Park is on a large swath of land that was annexed by the City of San Diego so it's legally part of the City of San Diego but is really closer to Escondido. It's a good 30-45 minutes drive from San Diego without traffic and much longer if it's during rush hour. There is no practical public transportation so you need a car to get there. Balboa Park is the largest urban cultural park in the country. Your s
  9. Flexibility is key. Due to a number of factors you won't know specific times until the day before. IMO It's crucial that you attend the daily briefing or watch it on your stateroom TV. Ships have to queue up to enter the locks. Somewhat akin to a railroad, there are dispatchers on the river. This may necessitate leaving port earlier or later than expected. On one cruise we left a few hours early to enter a lock and avoid a lengthy delay. This helped keep us on schedule for the next day.
  10. We took the London extension with Viking and we departed early (8 AM?). We were in London for lunch.
  11. Good choice. The city is magical. The Prague extension was one of the highlights of our Grand European Tour.
  12. Cities of Lights - Paris to Prague. Paris speaks for itself. The new itinerary stops at Reims Cathedral. The Moselle river is charming as are the towns along the Main River. Heidelberg, Wurzburg, and Rothenburg and not to be missed. Everyone should visit Prague at least once in their lifetime. It's beautiful.
  13. FYI There is a special exhibit at the Louvre commemorating the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. It's been years in the making and is a once in a lifetime opportunity see his works, some of which are never on exhibit. Advance tickets are recommended. https://www.louvre.fr/en/expositions/leonardo-da-vinci Edit: Oops. I thought you were going this year. Exhibition ends this February.
  14. The liquor is an apple brandy called Calvados. It dates back to before the days of Charlemagne. It's impossible to visit Normandy without drinking some. Our tour guide said her grandmother would give it to her when she had a cold. She said it would either kill the cold or kill you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calvados
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