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  1. Unfortunately I do not have a current booking and cannot access the site. I'm sure it exists somewhere as I recall reading something like "Let us know if you are celebrating a special occasion" or similar language. I may be conflating the Bon Voyage Gift with this. You can order special amenities sent to the your stateroom for special occasions. http://wpc.475d.edgecastcdn.net/00475D/PDF/OC-Gift-Form-US.pdf
  2. The crew did tastefully sing Happy Birthday on a few occasions
  3. Be aware that the number of people for some excursions is limited by the venue. We luckily got to see the Alhambra last spring, but it sold out almost immediately and many people we unable to go. Viking is only allowed a single tour bus and because of security it required a printed ticket with your name on it. During the tour people were randomly chosen to show their ID before they could enter. So even if people dropped out (which happened), no one else could take their place.
  4. I believe there is place on My Viking Journey to tell them you are celebrating a special occasion.
  5. We were on the Jupiter with Russell Lee in May (Along Europe's West Coast) and he mentioned he was taking another cruise later this year. His presentations are all excellent. We spoke to him and his wife a few times. They did an amazing presentation about the medieval wool trade, how it led to the establishment of dozens of guilds, and how it also led to war. He wife brought some raw wool and demonstrated how it was hand spun. Fascinating presentation. He also had lectures on the Mona Lisa, Anne Frank, and the Dutch Tulip Bulb Bubble. The latter was really remarkable. His style reminds me of James Burke in the BBC program Connections. I highly recommend you attend or watch on replay all of his lectures.
  6. Who are the guest lecturers for this cruise?
  7. Use of all of the spa facilities is free.
  8. I recommend the K + K Hotel Cayre Boutique hotel on the left bank, close to the Metro, museums, etc. https://www.kkhotels.com/paris/hotel-cayre
  9. DYK The large arch crossing the river is the longest one the Romans ever built?
  10. I second that. We wore ski jackets and gloves in June.
  11. ...You can also find some helpful information by digging through this thread... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2559856-everything-viking-france-normandy-paris-provence/
  12. We took this cruise last June, with pre and post extensions, starting in Switzerland. We had a fabulous time. For us, the highlight was the Swiss extension. The trip from Geneva to Zermatt was great. We stopped at a small family winery on the hills above Lake Geneva and learn about what make that region's wine unique as well as how it's made. DYK Switzerland consumes 90% of its wine domestically and the little that is exported mostly goes to Japan? So take the opportunity to buy a bottle. Zermatt is breathtaking, as is the trip up the mountain by cogwheel train to view the Matterhorn. The town is pedestrian only. Our hotel was a scene right out of Heidi, with the sheep baying and bells ringing on the hillside outside our room. Being a train buff, the trip on the Glacier Express was the experience of a lifetime (I highly recommend watching some of the You Tube videos available). The amount of elevation change on the train is unbelievable. The tour group has an entire first class car and the lunch is a hot meal cooked on the train. Very tasty. The scenery was unbelievable. You cross the Continental Divide of Europe (rivers flowing either north or south) and pass the source of both the Rhine and Rhone rivers. The Rhone Gorge is truly spectacular. The trip is narrated along the way via an automated recording. You have headphones and a message board tells you the number of the location you are travelling through. Press a button and you are given a history of the region you are passing through as well as information about what you are viewing. The only negative about the trip was the location of the Hotel in Zurich. It's in a business/convention area and there is very little around. The tram does stop nearby and that takes you right to the old town area. The hotel will provide you a free transit pass for the day. This was our 3rd VRC and the best extension of the lot. Rhone Gorge from the Glacier Express Lake Geneva Our tour guide made sure we would see the Matterhorn, even on a cloudy day Wine tasting on the banks of Lake Geneva
  13. Balboa Park is not only home to the zoo but dozens of museums and gardens. It's the largest urban cultural park in the country. https://www.balboapark.org/ My personal favorite hidden gem in the park is the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. It has the largest model train exhibit in North America. http://sdmrm.org/exhibitions/4592670233
  14. When I was on the Rolf in 2017, there was a fantastic multi-media show that was projected on the facade of the Rouen Cathedral every night during the summer. Looks like it is back this year. It is a must see. https://en.rouentourisme.com/cathedral-of-light/
  15. Many more things to do in Vienna. You can easily spend an entire week there and not be lacking for things to do.
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