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  1. I have to tell you...when we last stayed in the large cabana, we were 110% convinced NOTHING could beat that experience. Well...the Haven villa area was definitely a "hold my beer and watch this" experience. Don't get me wrong - the large cabanas are outstanding, but I have a feeling, will have a price drop when you compare what is available in the Haven / Suite area vs the GSC area with cabanas just due to the difference in amenities. 40 days will pass in an instant - you are going to have a glorious time...and just think...soon there will be an actual pier and no more missed island days due to tender issues!!! Amy
  2. I felt like such a schlub when I took photos of the wrong cabin - but definitely looked at some cool photos on cruisedeckplans.com of your room. It's the least I could do when 99% of the folks on cruise critic have gone out of their way to be kind to someone else in their posts. Plus - I love cruising so much...if we can make someone else's cruise easier, why not? Happiest of cruising to you, and hoping for clear skies and blue waters to you....Amy
  3. That's amazing - what a fantastic way to say money AND get a wonderful Haven vacation. Amy
  4. Wow! That's fantastic! I do so love CC...you get the most helpful tips from other cruises. Thank you both! Amy
  5. The Gem is our favorite of all of the NCL ships....not too big, not too small. Friendliest crew, wonderful layout, and the rooms post the refurbishment have lovely and muted colors. Because it is a smaller ship, there is little waiting and easy on and off - no long lines for most events, and easy to get into shows. There are a ton of review and youtube vidoes, but we are headed on our 3rd Gem vacation in three years, and have another one booked after this - we just love, love this ship. Have a great trip! Amy
  6. Yes you pre-pay...and book as soon as you can! That is a wonderful price for what will be an outstanding day - I am already counting the days until our next villa! Have a wonderful trip - Amy
  7. There are particular dishes that have a premium price - my previously mentioned chilean sea bass was one of them. I think a few of the sushi rolls had a small cost associated with them as well. But in general - no cost for 80% of the menu. Amy
  8. Congrats! You will LOVE the experience ... and that price...wow! Amy
  9. Something to consider... If you are a social kind of person, you can book a large cabana or villa, and hope that you meet a friendly couple on board to share with - both cost and location. May even want to consider throwing it out there if you are on a roll call. Granted, you may lose or win at that proposition, but it may be a good way of saving costs while having a luxury beach experience. We tried to convince our balcony neighbors who we hit it off with to come join us - even for free - on our villa. They preferred staying on the boat and having a true sea day. We showed them the photos of the villas afterwards and the wife literally slugged her dear hubby in the arm 🙂 You wont lose in any case - there are rarely bad days on the beach....but often GREAT days on the beach! Amy
  10. Mazel tov on your renewal!!!! Hopefully many, many more happy years of cruising for your entire family! Amy
  11. I suppose it depends on the cruise since the price does seem to vary widely, but the large cabana is not that much less than a villa (at least on the cruises we were looking at). We were in the middle of the large cabanas in 2017 - the bar / concierge area was right behind us and the batrooms were behind and to the left about 100 yards. It is a little hike, not too bad, to the "main" area of the island with the buffet, etc - but if you are doing the buffet for lunch, bringing back plates of food to your cabana can be a challenge. We were assigned our cabana number based upon when we booked - so that the 1st person booking gets cabana 1, the 2nd cabana 2...and so forth. Am not sure if that has changed. I know we could not choose our villa # - it was assigned. That being said - I agree with the posters above - once you go cabana, you cannot go back...that is, unless you go villa. And lord...that villa....I posted a video on YouTube of the villa and spa/ buffet area and there are a ton of great small and large cabana videos as well on youtube to browse. Have a wonderful time choosing! Amy
  12. There are lots of specifics important to individuals, but to our family it comes down to the private pool. Yes..it's tiny in the Haven, but at least it exists! We have been on Royal once, and aside from the difficulties in a "semi-inaugural" cruise (it was the Anthem on the 2nd cruise out of NYC), it was lovely - but we literally had to fight for space in the pool, and it was really not a fun experience - way, way too many people for me to relax, and with my son not being a strong swimmer, keeping him from being man-handled / kicked / pushed in the pool was impossible. We love our suites, butlers, concierges, priority this-and-that, but a suite without a private pool is the one amenity we will never forgo again. I am sure you will have a great time either way! Amy
  13. Now I am all angsty trying to figure out plans for 2020...we usually plan 16-18 months in advance, so I am scouring reviews instead of doing laundry! Reviews help so much...yes...everything with a grain of salt of course, but in general we have not been led astray! Amy
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