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  1. Up until january of this year I was a vegan who avoided gluten...and I ate my way through the Haven like a rock-star. The food is glorious - and the staff is very adaptable. You will absolutely not go hungry - I promise you it will be some of the most amazing food of your life as well.
  2. Not all heros wear capes Seany527.... We are 19 days and counting to our next Haven and cannot thank you enough for this drool-fest!
  3. We are on the April 5th Bliss out of NY because it fits perfectly with spring break here in our school district. Other districts in NY and NJ have their break the April 12th week - you will have tons of kids either way. Yes...the Haven will be full of kids, but that means my kiddo may be able to meet some new buddies. That being said - the ship itself will likely be very crazy with families and many, many kids.
  4. FOOD PORN!!!!🥰 This...this is just so fabulous. I bow to you and your dedication to eating your way through the Haven. 🤘 Amy
  5. Thank you for this thread! Having fallen in love with the villas last June, I was waiting to see what this new area looked like. Its certainly interesting to have bedrooms - a nice feature if you want to have a nap on the beach, but for 300-500$/ day, I want to nap ON the beach!!! The bathrooms look as wonderful as the studio villas - as a mom, having a clean place to wash up both you and your kiddo without mucking about on a dubiously clean concrete floor is a huge bonus. I wonder how the water is in the lagoon? Does it appear to be constantly circulating with the oce
  6. Can’t speak about the Epic, but we are on the Gem for our 3rd Thanksgiving in a row ~ that’s how much we love the holiday on this ship. It’s terribly kitschy decorations, and staff from primarily non-American countries who really do their best to replicate a “traditional” thanksgiving experience. We always have lunch on an island, usually through resorts for a day or word-of-mouth...something very Caribbean to remind us that we are far from home and WARM (upstate NY < Barbados any day). Then we choose To dine back in the ship in what I refer to as a ‘Jewish Christmas’ meal (we are
  7. I was honored to recently be on the Empress as a crew member - the perk you will have on this ship is the same every guest has....the friendliest most pro-active crew you have ever had on Royal Caribbean. It is a small ship, an old ship...no bells and whistles, some rusty spots, actual wooden decks, smaller rooms, and yes...every now and again a very odd odor from the plumbing. If you are seeking thrills, sky diving, water slides and 20+ restaurants, the Empress is not the ship for you. If you want personalized attention, no waiting in lines, awesome shows, not fighting 6000+ plus
  8. That's great to hear - the news only tends to focus on the bad cases and bad outcomes (and usually only one biased side of the story). Many non-US docs I have met have literally waited years to have their application / hiring approved - the training and background required are challenging enough, but for non-Americans, these positions pay 3-4 times or more their average salary and are highly competitive. As an American EM physician, a ship monthly salary was about what I can earn in a week - but the perks, adventure, travel and humbling experience it is to meet crew each seeking their ver
  9. Chicken pox? Good lord...what misery! Cannot speak across cruise companies, but sometimes there are ways to reduce or waive charges - being polite and saying thank you goes a long, long way towards charges unless it's a specific medication / durable medical good...those the staff are accountable for and must charge unless the staff captain agrees to waive all / some fees. Kids and those sailing with special needs often get great documentation of care but reduced fees. We generally love catering to these guests. Also good to know: most cruise companies, from my understanding f
  10. I wish your wise words would be blasted across the forums - travel insurance is no joke, and not a luxury!!! You are incredibly foolish to travel without - it can cost more than you could imagine for the healthiest, youngest person to have a medical emergency at sea.
  11. Certainly took it as praise, not a criticism about the documentation - I am sorry if it sounded otherwise. As painful as it is sitting at a computer when we really need to be tending to a patient, that documentation of your medical record is so incredibly important to you, the medical officials taking over that patient's care, and to the insurance companies. There was a great "article of the year" about 10 years back that noted that the average physician during a 12 hour shift "clicks" their mouse 10,000 times. 10,000!!!!
  12. Wonderful summary and insight into what my family and I think is the only way to sail on the larger ships. We love the Haven so much - it's not just the perks and pampering (though that, admittedly is awesome), it's just the feeling that you are having a very private 5 star-hotel on water experience without any stress. No lines, no worries - I agree it's a great way to travel. With a 10 yo, we will not be on the luxury liners any time soon, but look forward to hearing abut your experiences. Amy
  13. Just saw this...email me at prehospitalmd@gmail.com and I will send you a link to my hubby's facebook page where I have a series of "porthole musings" about life as a doc at sea and the awesome folks I met.
  14. Thank you so much! This was an amazing report...would love to see this lovely ship in person - perhaps 2021!!!!
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