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  1. That's interesting news...is there anywhere on the NCL site where it gives more information regarding the villas? I'd love to see what they have to offer or even photos? It would be very hard to beat a day in a cabana...
  2. That's interesting to know! We are on the Dawn in June and booked a large cabana which we have loved in the past. However...we are in the Haven, so if the GSC Haven area is potentially open in June, I would happily cancel our cabana in lieu of the "free" Haven cabana. Yes...I know nothing on NCl is "free"...maybe "included in your Haven perks"? The large cabana is amazing btw...expensive, yes, but the privacy, service and convenience make it worth the money. It's been 2 years since our last Bahama's trip and I still have clear memories of an amazing family day. Hoping for updates from those in the know....A,y
  3. Mazel on your retirement! Every day in the Haven is a great day - and I am finishing up my shift today to come home and settle in to what is going to be a great vacation! See you in 24 hours! Amy
  4. For us, the change to $161 was actually worth it - kiddo loves the swipe games and if we had to buy the package for all three of us in the cabin at 88$ / person = $264. I don't really play games, but Ro loves them because he doesn't have an arcade near him at home (a la Chucky' Cheese, etc...), and has fun playing games with other kids on the boat - especially on a winter cruise out of NYC when the first few days and last few days often are not great weather, and it's fun to be inside having motorcycle races and burning off excess energy. At $161, my 9 yo can enjoy swiping away with our supervision for the cruise. At 11 days, you figure 10 being actually days when he can use the arcade, that's definitely a great price! Personal decision though...we have had "PJ night" where we sneak out of our room to grab fries at O'Sheehan's then play table hockey - very cool memories. Amy
  5. Checked the NCL website for the Nov 15th Thanksgiving Gem cruise...ALL Havens are now shown sold out (there were 3 Haven penthouses a few days ago) - which makes me suspect that the upgrade fairy arrived for a few people this week. Boopsahoy....did you hear any good news on the GV? Personally - my bags are nearly packed, and I am super-ready to get on that lovely boat and hit the Haven pool with our little man.
  6. It's interesting in the difference between individual experiences and expectations. Honestly - we must have been lucky because we have had amazing butler service (and our concierge service as well) on every single one of our Haven trips, as well as our 1st suite trip...and that was in an aft suite which traditionally is the poorest rated butler service. Sure, the butlers do a lot of food delivery, but working in tandem with the concierge, our butlers have helped with reservations (booking and cancelling), refunding shore excursions, arranging activities like Canvas by U, escorting us to reserved seating, escorting us off the ship, and room service - even finding popcorn & cocoa at 0300 when my son wanted to watch Home Alone on Christmas morning. For my older parents and in-laws they checked on the shower safety and arranged bathmats, changed out balcony chairs for loungers, delivered morning tea service without being asked by the pool (they noticed my mom and mother-in-law both loved tea on a prior day). Essentially, they pay attention to details and it is always greatly appreciated. Our last trip, our butler and the stateroom attendant even played minecraft with my son for 30 minutes when he asked them to sit with him. Honestly - we feel bad when our butler asks us what else he can do (we've only had male butlers except for 1 trainee), as we are pretty laid-back. But remember - all of the butler and concierge tips come from the cabins themselves and not the general tip pool, so I would imagine only the most motivated butlers benefit from going above and beyond. Amy
  7. Thanks Kristine - This will be the first cruise in a while we have not actively participated in roll call - honestly, I've been slammed at work and feel that I can't contribute like I have in the past (we are avid party-favor makers). However...we always love meeting up with fellow cruise-a-holics! Am counting down the days - and hoping that Boopsahoy gets some good news on their GV bid for the Nov 15th Gem. Its funny - a pre-concierge (not the fantastic woman I usually work with) at NCL called me to check on a reservation changed and asked if we were planning to utilize the upgrade bidding system. She said the majority of folks are offered the opportunity (I guess some TAs do not participate), but she has no idea who bids nor what they bid. It's also funny - the H1, H2, and H3s are all listed as being sold out for weeks (months for the H2 and H3) and yet she was still curious if we were bidding for non-existent rooms. I suppose if the H1 goes out for bid that opens up an H2 or H3 for another Haven guest to upgrade to, but I honestly think it's data mining at this point. Not that I care - NCL runs a successful business for a reason...and for a profit! I do look forward seeing you on board - it would be lovely putting a face to a name. Warmest - Amy
  8. Good luck boopsahoy!!!!! Either way... its going to be a great thanksgiving! amy
  9. Congratulations! We are on your same cruise - and counting the days! Originally we were going to put in a pathetically low bid on the GV just to say "we tried" - however, after seeing that no GV was available (and staying in an H4 which is my dream suite) we chose to stay out of the fray. I am so happy for you and your family - the Gem is great...the suite life is even better!!! Amy
  10. Gem is our favorite ship - small enough to be personable, large enough to offer a ton of fun things to do. Scan through cruise critic and see if you find recent “dailies” - lists everything going on board for the cruise. possibiliturs are limitless but our our personal favorites are: 1) Broadway-style shows. The 3 main shows on the Gem are wonderful 2) Relaxing in the Spinnaker. Best seating area aside from the Bliss. Great area for sunsets, performances, bar - so comfortable 3) Canvas by U. It’s a cost, but do, so much freaking fun scan the boards here - really have a to. To choose from ... classes, Kareem, cooking classes, comedians, bands, casino - you will not be bored (unless you WANT to be bored) Have a great time ... we are getting on the Gem when you are getting off!!! amu
  11. Hubby (Mike), me, and our 9 yo son Ronan. I’m always in for learning a fun game. Now I’m dreaming of thanksgiving night football 🏈 - what could have been in the GV (sigh). Is it pathetic that even without a bid I still search my email every day for a “hey... you’re such a great customer why don’t you stay in the GV” offer? Considering we are on the Dawn in June, seems like a better chance to be successful in scoring an upgrade then. In any case ... extremely happy with an H4 - the best layout on the ship in my opinion. Amy
  12. Slots gal only...No games for us. I think doing math while drinking alcohol is tempting the gods of financial disaster. This is our 3rd Gem trip...it was our first suite (an aft upgrade back in the days when they called you and you had like a minute to make your decision) and our 1st H4 last Thanksgiving. We now have 4 Havens under our belt and love, love spoling ourselves twice a year. We love this boat and the crews have been outstanding. My email is prehospitalmd@gmail.com - would love to make contact with you in real life! I promise - though we are a mildly weird family (Red Sox and the Big Bang Theory, if that makes sense), we are not intrusive nor stalkers ... just enjoy having a great time at home and on vacation. Amy (Mike and Ronan)
  13. For scale, my son was 8 in that photo. Probably 12 x 12 inches or so - very easy to pack in luggage. Larger than a back-pack though. Amy
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