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  1. avian777

    Pre-Booking Dining

    👍👍👍 Agree - we "pre-book" all of our dinning reservations, as we are a tad fussy as to our preferred dinning times!!!
  2. avian777


    If you need this information in order to make cruise decisions, you may want to contact HAL Ship Services directly - we are big believers in going to the source to get information such as this. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. Your statement about not using lard in "REAL Mexican food" is certainly at odds with the experience and views of the many Mexicans we have known over the years - to a person, they extole the virtues of lard (manteca) and especially pork lard (manteca de puerco). Likewise, famous Mexican chefs (such as, for example, Aaron Sanchez, Rick Bayless, Ana Garcia, Zarela Martinez, and Enrique Olivera) recognize lard as a "central ingredient in Mexican cooking". While your DH, your MiL and you may not use lard in your cooking, rest assured that most authentic Mexican chefs do. But don't take my word for it - do some research and read some books by/about the chefs named above and about the history of Mexican cooking.
  4. Based on our experience over 20+ years of cruising with HAL, there is no need to dine in the specialty restaurants in order to have your food allergy needs accommodated. See Posts # 8 & 20 above for more info.
  5. 👍👍👍 Thanks for the upbeat Post RMLincoln. Your experience mirrors ours to a "T", as HAL has always been attentive to all of my spouse's contact dermatitis and food allergy needs. Also, thanks & kudos to HAL! 👐
  6. If you have special (medical) dietary needs or are allergic to MSG or sodium (salt) or a host of other food additives/ingredients, HAL will make every effort to accommodate your needs if you will contact HAL Access & Compliance at (800) 547-8493 before your cruise and also discuss the matter with the Food Service Manager once you are onboard.
  7. avian777

    Luggage Direct in FLL

    Not to put too fine a point on matters, but what does being Jewish have to do with using the Col. Sanders avatar? Just trying to follow your logic here ...
  8. ... or pick a different cruise line.
  9. avian777

    Luggage Direct in FLL

    Nor did I say that you had said it is the same service. I was merely pointing out, for the benefit of CCers who may have thought that, since the title of this Thread is "Luggage Direct in FLL", your Post also related to LD and not to other services. Sort of like thinking that you must be from Kentucky since your CC avatar is Harland Sanders, the Kentucky Colonel! In any event, sorry you took my Post incorrectly.
  10. avian777

    Unacceptable Wine price-hike by HAL

    ... and on one's priorities!
  11. avian777

    Daily Gratuities

    ... okay, I guess you won't be OK ... sorry to have complied with your earlier request! 😕 Seriously, I hope you have a great cruise ... wherever your chosen stateroom is located.
  12. avian777

    Luggage Direct in FLL

    This service mentioned in your Post is not the same as Luggage Direct. As more fully explained in the HAL material linked in your Post, the A/P to cabin delivery service is called Bags VIP Luggage Delivery and (not surprisingly) costs more. We have used both LD and BVIPLD and believe each is a great service and well worth the price! 👍👍👍
  13. avian777

    Unacceptable Wine price-hike by HAL

    👍👍👍 Spot on - thanks for your rhetorical insights!
  14. avian777

    Luggage Direct in FLL

    Most recent experience was last February (2018), used Luggage Direct (as we do on virtually every HAL cruise) and had no problems whatsoever with our 4 pm (ish) flight out of FLL. Good luck and have a safe cruise.
  15. ... retirement does have its advantages, eh? 😎👍🚢