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  1. Thanks for the clarification - here's a link to AOS' web site for anyone who'd like to know more about AOS and/or support AOS' Cruise Ship Priest Program: http://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/cultural-diversity/pastoral-care-of-migrants-refugees-and-travelers/apostleship-of-the-sea/index.cfm
  2. And thank you, s7s, for your very classy and positive message. Best wishes & smooth sailing.
  3. I wasn't aware that Robert Morrison is HAL's official writer - did he also author the KBYG booklet? BTW where in CS(FD) does Morrison set forth HAL's policy against using the laundry bags as totes?
  4. avian777


    Isn't it amazing that people from an "unknown small town" in Michigan could possibly enjoy something that you don't enjoy?
  5. Thanks for the helpful suggestion. For newbies who may not be aware of HAL protocol for such things, where is the no-tote laundry bag rule posted? Thanks again.
  6. In the interest of fairness and accuracy, not ALL of us know that HAL reps contradict each other, but ALL of us do know that it does not occur ALL THE TIME. I, for one, have never had this happen to me, nor have I ever gotten bad info from the HAL reps I've consulted. I know it can happen, but I also know that not everyone asks questions perfectly and definitely not everyone understands answers/remembers correctly or the same way. I do, however, agree that, on an issue such as this one, people should get written confirmation of a permission to avoid problems with ship personnel who may be unaware of HAL's current policy. BTW this is exactly what I advised in my Post # 7 above.
  7. Seems to be no definitive answer on here, so I'd go back to basics and call HAL. If the HAL rep says it's okay to bring a fold-up bike onboard, you might want to request written confirmation, just in case the ship's gate crew isn't aware of HAL's current policy.
  8. That, RocketMan275, is the understatement of the decade! IMO and based on my experience, anyone who says Keurig-brewed coffee is bad, horrible, etc., has either (1) no appreciation for really good coffee (which, for sake of clarity, I must point out does not include anything that comes from Starbucks), or (2) only tasted lesser quality (non gourmet) coffees brewed in a Kuerig. After all, a Keurig is sort of like a computer program: GIGO ...
  9. I had no idea that fares on HAL's Mexican cruises had increased quite that much!!! 😂
  10. 👍👍👍 Thank you for your very insightful Post.
  11. Just curious why this Thread hasn't been closed/moved to Single Smoking Thread (Use for all smoking discussions on HAL) )
  12. 👍 Thanks for the very uplifting Post, pstoker, and Godspeed on all of your travels. 😎
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